Kendra Wilkinson’s Brave Revelation on Mental Health Struggles


Former Playboy Model Opens Up About Severe Panic Attack and Depression

In a candid and heartfelt interview with People magazine, Kendra Wilkinson, the former Playboy model known for her openness, shared her recent battle with mental health issues. This marks the first time Kendra has publicly discussed her hospitalization, providing valuable insights into the challenges she faced.

Pressure, Panic, and Parenthood: Kendra’s Struggle as a Single Mom

During the interview, Kendra expressed the intense pressure she felt, both professionally and personally. A severe panic attack in September led her to the emergency room, where she confronted the overwhelming weight of depression. As she embarked on a new career in real estate on a TV show, the pressure to balance this with single motherhood became a formidable challenge for Kendra.

The former Playboy model, always candid about her life, shared that being a single mother to her two children, Hank and Elijah, added to the complexity of her struggles. “It’s really hard being a single mom, you know, and alone,” she emphasized, shedding light on the difficulties faced by many single parents.

Overwhelmed and Overworked: Kendra’s Breaking Point

Sources close to Kendra revealed that she had placed immense pressure on herself, trying to navigate the demands of her career while being a dedicated single mother. Balancing the expectations of a new career in the public eye and the responsibilities of parenthood proved to be an overwhelming task.

Kendra admitted to hitting rock bottom, describing moments when she didn’t understand what was happening in her head and body. The pressure seemed insurmountable, leading to feelings of dying from depression. Her openness about these struggles challenges stigmas surrounding mental health and the unrealistic expectations placed on public figures.

From Rock Bottom to Resilience: Kendra’s Journey Through Psychosis

Kendra’s struggles escalated to a point where she felt she was hitting the end of her life, leading to a state of psychosis. She bravely shared that, at times, she didn’t feel strong enough to live anymore. The reality star acknowledged that, despite her public persona, she is not a perfect person and has had to confront a world of rumors and gossip.

After leaving the emergency room, Kendra returned to the hospital a week later, where she made the challenging decision to accept antipsychotic medication. This step was particularly difficult for her, as it meant acknowledging her mental illness. Kendra had previously invested significant effort into self-improvement, making the acceptance of medication a crucial turning point in her journey.

Kendra’s Path to Healing: Outpatient Treatment and Self-Reflection

Following her hospitalization, Kendra engaged in outpatient treatment to address her depression. She attributed her mental health challenges to both her divorce and her time living in the Playboy Mansion. Kendra admitted that facing the past and dealing with the additional challenges of rumors and gossip affecting her life have been significant hurdles.

Despite the hardships, Kendra expressed pride in herself for battling through the struggles and finding a solution. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of seeking help, breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, and taking steps toward recovery. Kendra Wilkinson’s journey showcases her resilience and determination in navigating the complexities of her mental health, encouraging open conversations and understanding.


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