Kuching fire incident: Early Morning Blaze in Kuching Leaves Man Injured


Man Injured in Early Morning Fire at Kampung Pulo Hulu

Kuching fire incident Early Morning Blaze in Kuching Leaves Man Injured
Kuching fire incident Early Morning Blaze in Kuching Leaves Man Injured

Firefighters Battle Blaze at Two-Storey House

KUCHING: A man sustained injuries to his left leg while attempting to extinguish a fire that broke out at Kampung Pulo Hulu here today (July 7). The heroic effort of the individual, unfortunately, led to him being injured before the firefighters arrived at the scene.

Incident Report: Early Morning Fire at Kampung Pulo Hulu

The State Fire and Rescue Operations Centre (Bomba) received a distress call at 1:11 am regarding the incident. In response, firefighters from the Petra Jaya fire station were promptly dispatched to the scene, later assisted by Tabuan Jaya fire station to tackle the flames.

Swift Response from Firefighters

Upon arrival at 1:20 am, firefighters found two houses engulfed in flames. One of the houses, a two-storey structure, was completely destroyed, while the adjacent house sustained approximately 10 percent damage. The initial assessment suggested that the fire began on the second floor of the completely destroyed house.

Heroic Effort Leads to Injury

A witness at the scene mentioned that the man was injured while bravely trying to control the fire before the firefighters could take charge. According to Bomba, the man sustained injuries to his left leg in his efforts to extinguish the fire. He was quickly transported to the Sarawak General Hospital in an Emergency Medical Rescue Services (EMRS) vehicle for urgent treatment.

Firefighting Efforts and Control Measures

To combat the blaze, the firefighters employed a 300-feet hose with two nozzles to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby houses. A total of 18 firefighters were involved in the operation, demonstrating a coordinated and efficient response. The fire was successfully brought under control by 1:40 am, with the operation concluding at around 2:42 am. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, and further details are expected to be released by the authorities soon.

A Closer Look at the Firefighting Efforts

The quick and coordinated response from the firefighters was crucial in preventing the fire from causing more extensive damage. The use of a 300-feet hose equipped with two nozzles allowed the team to effectively douse the flames and protect the surrounding properties. The involvement of 18 firefighters highlights the scale of the operation and the dedication of the emergency services to ensure public safety.

Community Reaction and Support

The incident has left the community of Kampung Pulo Hulu in shock, with many praising the injured man’s bravery. Local residents have expressed their support for the man and his family, and there are plans to organize community efforts to help those affected by the fire. The local authorities have also assured residents that they will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause of the fire and prevent future occurrences.

Importance of Fire Safety Awareness

This incident underscores the importance of fire safety awareness and preparedness in communities. It serves as a reminder for residents to have fire safety measures in place, such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and to be aware of emergency procedures. The heroic actions of the injured man also highlight the importance of community vigilance and quick response in the face of emergencies.

Conclusion: A Community United in the Face of Tragedy

The early morning fire at Kampung Pulo Hulu is a stark reminder of the potential dangers of fire and the importance of preparedness and quick action. While the incident resulted in significant property damage and injury, it also showcased the bravery and resilience of the community. The injured man’s efforts, along with the swift response from the firefighters, prevented the fire from causing even more destruction. As investigations continue, the community remains united in support of those affected and committed to enhancing fire safety awareness.


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