Kuching’s Bidayuh Community Prepares to Host Five Key Events for Gawai 2024


Bidayuh Community Gears Up for State-level Gawai Dayak Celebration

Kuching’s Bidayuh Community Prepares to Host Five Key Events for Gawai 2024
Kuching’s Bidayuh Community Prepares to Host Five Key Events for Gawai 2024

KUCHING: As the host of this year’s state-level Gawai Dayak celebration, the Bidayuh community is gearing up to showcase its rich culture and heritage through five main events set to captivate audiences in Sarawak.

The Bidayuh Temenggong (Paramount Leader) for Kuching Division, Atok Dirop, revealed the comprehensive plans for the grand occasion, emphasizing the significance of each event in highlighting the Bidayuh traditions.

Gawai Bazaar: A Festive Extravaganza at Batu Kawa Township

The festivities will commence with the Gawai Bazaar, a vibrant festival scheduled to take place at the Batu Kawa Township from May 16 to 26. Featuring a myriad of open stalls welcoming visitors from all communities, the bazaar promises a delightful experience while providing a platform for small entrepreneurs to thrive.

Gawai Carnival in Bau: A Celebration of Culture and Music

Following the bazaar, the spotlight will shift to Bau for the Gawai Carnival, running from May 16 to 18. Attendees can look forward to three days filled with cultural performances, exhilarating gong-playing, and a colorful parade traversing from Dewan Suarah Bau to Lobuh Bau on May 18. The carnival offers a perfect opportunity to savor delectable delicacies offered by stall vendors.

Serian Division Gawai Carnival: Where Tradition Meets Competition

In the Siburan District, the Serian Division Gawai Carnival will unfold from June 6 to 8, featuring an intriguing twist with the inclusion of the ‘Dayung Sangon’ (women) and ‘Dari Pogan’ (men) pageants, alongside a spirited gong-playing competition. This event aims to unite the Bidayuh communities from Serian, Padawan, Bau, and Lundu areas in a celebration of their unique heritage.

State-level ‘Gawai Parade’: A Spectacle of Unity and Tradition

On June 15, Kuching will come alive with the state-level ‘Gawai Parade’, known as ‘Niti Daun’, spanning from Wisma Tun Jugah to Padang Merdeka. As a longstanding tradition, the parade will feature vibrant contingents representing various districts and divisions, adorned with decorated floats, symbolizing unity and diversity.

Gawai Gala Dinner: A Grand Finale at BCCK

The grand finale of the Gawai celebrations will be the ‘Gawai Gala Dinner’ hosted at the prestigious Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK). Atok Dirop, tasked with crafting an opening gimmick using the traditional drum or ‘sebang’, expressed his hopes for the seamless execution of all five events, culminating in a memorable conclusion to the festivities.

With meticulous planning and a deep commitment to preserving their cultural heritage, the Bidayuh community is poised to offer an unforgettable Gawai experience for locals and visitors alike.


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