Local Angler Suffers Burns in Fishing Boat Fire at Mukah Jetty


Incident Details and Immediate Response

Local Angler Suffers Burns in Fishing Boat Fire at Mukah Jetty
Local Angler Suffers Burns in Fishing Boat Fire at Mukah Jetty

Fire Breaks Out on Fishing Boat

MUKAH: A local angler sustained burns to his right calf after his fishing boat caught fire yesterday (July 9). The incident happened around 2.30 pm at Jalan Kampung Sungai Apo when the boat was docked at the jetty. The rapid spread of flames left the vessel severely damaged before firefighters could arrive on the scene.

Firefighters’ Prompt Arrival

Firefighters from the Mukah station were promptly deployed to the scene after receiving an emergency call. Their quick response helped prevent further damage to surrounding areas and ensured the safety of nearby residents. Upon arrival, they found that the wooden boat, measuring 50 feet in length and seven feet in width, was 70 per cent destroyed.

Extinguishing the Fire

Use of Water from Nearby Fire Hydrant

Extinguishing efforts were later carried out using water sourced from a nearby fire hydrant. The firefighters worked diligently to control the blaze and prevent it from spreading to other boats and structures at the jetty. The use of a nearby fire hydrant ensured a continuous water supply, which was crucial in battling the intense flames.

Firefighting Techniques

The firefighting team employed various techniques to bring the fire under control. These included direct water application to the flames and cooling the surrounding area to prevent re-ignition. The team’s coordinated efforts and strategic use of resources played a significant role in successfully extinguishing the fire.

The Victim’s Condition and Medical Treatment

Initial Treatment at the Scene

The 38-year-old victim, who suffered six per cent burns, was given initial treatment at the scene by the firefighters. They provided first aid to manage his injuries and prevent further complications. The burns, primarily located on his right calf, were assessed and treated before the victim was transported for further medical attention.

Transport to Health Clinic

After receiving initial care at the scene, the injured angler was taken to a nearby health clinic for further medical attention. The swift action of the firefighters and the availability of medical resources ensured that the victim received prompt and effective care. The extent of his injuries was relatively minor, and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Community and Safety Measures

Impact on Local Community

The incident has raised concerns within the local community about the safety of fishing boats and the importance of fire prevention measures. The fire at the Mukah jetty serves as a stark reminder of the potential hazards faced by anglers and boat owners. It highlights the need for regular maintenance and inspection of fishing vessels to prevent such incidents.

Importance of Fire Safety Awareness

In light of this event, local authorities are urging boat owners and operators to prioritize fire safety. This includes ensuring that boats are equipped with fire extinguishers and that crew members are trained in basic fire-fighting techniques. Regular maintenance and inspection of electrical systems and fuel lines can also help prevent fires.

Future Preventive Measures

Authorities are also considering implementing additional safety measures at the jetty to enhance overall safety. These may include installing more fire hydrants, improving access routes for emergency vehicles, and conducting fire safety drills for boat owners and operators. Such measures can significantly reduce the risk of future incidents and ensure a safer environment for the local fishing community.


The fishing boat fire at Mukah jetty serves as a critical reminder of the importance of fire safety and preparedness. The prompt response of the Mukah firefighters prevented further damage and ensured the victim received timely medical care. Moving forward, increased awareness and preventive measures can help mitigate the risk of similar incidents, safeguarding the well-being of the local community.


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