Local Fishing Boats Detained by Maritime Malaysia


Unauthorized Fishing Equipment Leads to Arrest

Local Fishing Boats Detained by Maritime Malaysia
Local Fishing Boats Detained by Maritime Malaysia

BINTULU: In a significant maritime enforcement action, a local fishing vessel was detained by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (Maritim Malaysia) Bintulu Maritime Zone for utilizing unauthorized fishing equipment. The arrest took place approximately three nautical miles west of Kuala Kemena Bintulu at 1.20 pm yesterday.

Details of the Detention

Bintulu Maritime Zone Director, Maritime Captain Muhammad Suffian Eldine Abdullah, revealed that the vessel, classified as a C-class fishing vessel, was found using equipment that did not comply with authorized standards. While the vessel appeared to be a trawler-type fishing boat, it was equipped with gear that was deemed unauthorized upon inspection.

“The inspection revealed that the fishing equipment permitted for use was a trawl. However, the equipment found on board was bait,” Captain Suffian stated in a press release.

Crew Lacked Valid Documents and Permits

Further investigations highlighted that the crew members failed to present valid identification documents. Additionally, several crew members did not possess permits to work on the vessel.

All crew members, identified as Indonesian males aged between 21 and 41, were detained for further investigation. The investigation is proceeding under Section 11(3)(b) of the Fisheries Act 1985 for possession of unlicensed fishing equipment. Concurrently, violations of Section 8(b) of the Fisheries Act, relating to employing foreign workers without proper consent, are also being probed.

Immigration Violations

In addition to the fisheries violations, the detained crew members are being investigated under Section 6(1)(c) of the Immigration Act 1959/63 for not presenting valid identification documents and lacking work permits. Moreover, they are facing charges under Section 15(1)(c) of the same Act for overstaying their permitted period in Malaysia.

Captain Suffian mentioned that the detained crew and the vessel have been escorted to the Bintulu Maritime Zone Vessel Detention Center. They will be handed over to the Malaysian Maritime Investigation Officer for further action.

Reminder to the Maritime Community

Captain Suffian emphasized the importance of compliance with maritime laws. “Maritime Malaysia always reminds all the maritime community to obey the law before engaging in any sea activities,” he said.

For any complaints, information, or emergencies, the public can contact the Bintulu Maritime Zone Operations Center at 086-314254, the Sarawak State Maritime Operations Center at 082-432544, or MERS 999 for immediate response.


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