MACC Vows to Keep Sarawak Corruption-Free


MACC to Ensure Sarawak Remains Free from Corruption

MACC Vows to Keep Sarawak Corruption-Free
MACC Vows to Keep Sarawak Corruption-Free

MACC Reaffirms Commitment to Sarawak’s Anti-Corruption Drive

KUCHING, June 20, 2024 – The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has reiterated its steadfast support for the Sarawak state government in its ongoing battle against corruption, abuse of power, and misconduct. In a recent statement, outgoing MACC Sarawak director Datuk Mohd Zaki Hassan underscored the agency’s dedication to both enforcement actions and proactive measures aimed at preventing corruption.

Focus on Operational Excellence and Prevention Programs

Addressing media representatives during a courtesy visit to Premier Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg at Wima Bapa Malaysia, Mohd Zaki Hassan outlined MACC Sarawak’s strategic approach. “We are intensifying our efforts not only in conducting investigations but also in enhancing governance across Sarawak’s administrative entities,” he affirmed. This dual strategy involves revising operational procedures and providing advisory services to mitigate financial mismanagement risks.

Transition and Future Prospects

Mohd Zaki Hassan, who will soon assume the role of director of the Governance Investigation Division at MACC Headquarters in Putrajaya, expressed confidence in Sarawak’s continued success in combating corruption. He credited the state government’s unwavering support as pivotal to MACC Sarawak’s achievements over the past six years under his leadership.

Strengthening the Anti-Corruption Framework

Highlighting specific milestones, Mohd Zaki Hassan praised the establishment of the Sarawak Integrity and Ombudsman Unit (UNIONS) as a significant stride in fortifying Sarawak’s anti-corruption framework. “We take pride in our role in advancing the Sarawak government’s anti-corruption agenda,” he emphasized. UNIONS serves as a dedicated entity within MACC Sarawak, focusing on promoting integrity and handling complaints related to maladministration.

Premier’s Endorsement and Collaboration

During the meeting with Premier Abang Johari, discussions centered on enhancing collaborative efforts between MACC Sarawak and the state government. Premier Abang Johari commended MACC Sarawak for its diligence and stressed the importance of maintaining transparency and accountability in public administration.

Future Challenges and Strategies

Looking ahead, MACC Sarawak aims to intensify its outreach activities to educate the public about the detrimental effects of corruption and the avenues available for reporting misconduct. “Prevention through education is key to fostering a culture of integrity,” Mohd Zaki Hassan remarked, outlining plans for community engagement initiatives and educational campaigns across Sarawak.


As MACC Sarawak prepares for a leadership transition, its commitment to upholding transparency and integrity within Sarawak’s governance remains resolute. The agency’s proactive stance, coupled with robust enforcement measures, underscores its role as a guardian of public trust. With ongoing support from the state government and collaborative efforts with stakeholders, MACC Sarawak is poised to continue its vital mission of safeguarding Sarawak from corruption.


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