Man Attacked by Crocodile While Fishing in Pantu


Fisherman Missing After Crocodile Attack

Man Attacked by Crocodile While Fishing in Pantu
Man Attacked by Crocodile While Fishing in Pantu

KUCHING: A harrowing incident unfolded in Pantu near Sri Aman, as a man was reported missing after being attacked by a crocodile while fishing in Sungai Semeruang, Bangkong.

According to a spokesperson for the Operations Center of the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) Sarawak, the distress call came in at 7:30 PM yesterday, detailing the chilling encounter.

The victim, identified as Lawrence Adi Raynold, 32, was fishing with three companions on the riverbank when the predator struck at approximately 5 PM on Sunday.

Search and Rescue Operation Underway

Led by PBK II Mohd Fadhli Buyong, the search and rescue operation commenced early this morning, mobilizing various emergency response units including firefighters, police, Civil Defense Force, and local volunteers.

Lawrence’s sister-in-law, Rina AK Lujan, recounted the horrifying moment when the crocodile snatched him from the water’s edge, describing the creature as “as big as the door.”

Lawrence, a married father of two, aged 7 and 2, was swimming across the creek on the return journey when tragedy struck.

Recent Crocodile Attacks in Sarawak

This incident marks the second crocodile attack in Sarawak this year, following an earlier assault on an elderly woman in Sg Rayu on April 17, 2024. Sadly, the woman remains missing.

The community is shaken by these occurrences, particularly as such attacks are rare in the Sidak area, according to local residents.

As the search continues, prayers pour in for Lawrence’s safe return and for the safety of all involved in the operation.


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