Penampang Declared Disaster-Hit District: Severe Floods Ravage Sabah


Penampang declared disaster-hit district

Penampang Declared Disaster-Hit District Severe Floods Ravage Sabah
Penampang Declared Disaster-Hit District Severe Floods Ravage Sabah

Penampang has been declared a disaster-hit district following severe floods that wreaked havoc across several areas today.

Declaration of Disaster

District officer cum District Disaster Management Committee Francis Chong issued the declaration at 7.25pm today, based on field reports.

Impact on Residential Areas

Vista Seri Kiranau in Penampang saw nearly 100 vehicles submerged, complicating efforts to relocate them due to parked cars blocking higher ground.

Historical Context and Severity

Residents described the floods as unprecedented since 1993 and 1999, with deep and rapid water flows exacerbating the situation.

Road and Infrastructure Damage

Several key roads, including Jalan Kota Kinabalu-Keningau-Tenom and Jalan Limbanak, became impassable due to floods and landslides.

Public Safety Measures

Authorities advised the public to use alternative routes and deployed personnel to redirect traffic away from hazardous areas.

Regional Impact

Other affected areas include Kampung Limbanak, Kampung Mansiang, Kampung Kolopis, and Kampung Sugud, with significant road closures reported.

Environmental Impact

Videos circulated on social media depicted the destructive force of floodwaters colliding from the Babagon dam and Moyog River.

Emergency Response

The Fire and Rescue Department responded to numerous distress calls, conducting evacuations and addressing safety concerns across affected regions.

Infrastructure Damage and Service Disruptions

SESB reported electricity disruptions in Penampang and Kota Kinabalu, affecting key facilities and necessitating repair efforts amidst challenging conditions.

Relief Efforts

A temporary relief center was established at the Penampang Cultural Hall, providing shelter to affected residents.


Despite ongoing challenges, efforts are underway to manage the aftermath of the floods in Penampang and other affected areas, with authorities urging caution and readiness for further developments.


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