Petrol Bomb Thrown at KK Mart Outlet in Kuching: (Updates)


Kuching, Malaysia – April 28, 2024

Petrol Bomb Thrown at KK Mart Outlet in Kuching (Updates)
Petrol Bomb Thrown at KK Mart Outlet in Kuching (Updates)

In a concerning escalation of violence, a petrol bomb was hurled at a KK Mart convenience store in Kuching. Marking the third such attack on the popular chain in just one week. Kuching Police Chief, Ahsmon Bajah, confirmed the incident, expressing grave concern over the recurring assaults on the convenience store franchise.

The attack, which occurred at the store’s Janan Sat branch, was reported by a 25-year-old employee who witnessed the disturbing event. According to the worker’s statement, the assailant threw a glass bottle filled with kerosene at boxes placed along the pathway of the shop.

This latest assault follows similar incidents targeting KK Mart branches in Bor Perak and Guantan Bahang previous week. The previous attacks involved petrol bombs being thrown at the stores, prompting swift responses from local authorities and heightened security measures.

Fortunately, the petrol bomb thrown at the Kuantan, Pahang branch on March 26th failed to detonate, averting potential disaster. However, the attack on the Bidor, Perak branch on March 29th resulted in several items catching fire before being swiftly extinguished by Kiki Mar staff.

These alarming events come amidst a backdrop of controversy surrounding the Kiki Mar chain since March 13th, when socks bearing the word “Allah” were discovered at its B Sunway Outlet. This discovery ignited widespread condemnation and calls for a national boycott of the franchise by various religious groups, including AMU youth.

As investigations into these attacks continue, authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities. The safety and security of businesses and communities remain paramount as efforts are made to apprehend those responsible for these violent acts.

Stay tuned for further updates as this story develops.


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