Police Crush 198 Bitcoin Mining Machines Valued at RM198,000 in Kota Samarahan


A Major Move Against Illegal Bitcoin Mining Operations

Police Crush 198 Bitcoin Mining Machines Valued at RM198,000 in Kota Samarahan
Police Crush 198 Bitcoin Mining Machines Valued at RM198,000 in Kota Samarahan

KOTA SAMARAHAN : In a significant crackdown on illegal bitcoin mining activities, the police in Kota Samarahan took decisive action today by destroying 198 bitcoin mining machines, collectively valued at RM198,000. The operation, conducted at the Kota Samarahan District Police Headquarters (IPD), marks a crucial step in combating cryptocurrency-related offenses in the region.

The Destruction Process

The mining machines, which were seized in various cases dating back to 2021 and 2022, were rendered inoperable using a road roller. Subsequently, they were handed over to Trienekens Sdn Bhd for proper disposal. This methodical approach ensures that the confiscated equipment cannot be reused for illegal purposes.

Collaboration and Disposal

According to Kota Samarahan police chief DSP Jaimi Husin, the disposal was carried out in collaboration with Sesco, the local electricity utility provider. This collaboration underscores the multifaceted effort required to address the complexities of illegal bitcoin mining, including issues of electricity theft and damage to infrastructure.

Legal Action and Conclusion of Cases

DSP Jaimi Husin emphasized that the legal proceedings associated with the seized machines have been finalized. “The cases have been concluded, and legal actions have been taken in court,” he stated. Despite the confiscations, no arrests were made as the machines were found in vacant premises, primarily around the Uni Central and Samarindah areas.

Criminal Offenses Investigated

The investigations into these illegal operations were conducted under Section 379 of the Penal Code, pertaining to electricity theft, and Section 427, concerning mischief causing loss or damage. Instances of illegal electricity connections, including the cutting of cables, were identified during the investigations, leading to the confiscation of the bitcoin mining rigs.

Impact and Future Measures

The destruction of these bitcoin mining machines not only signifies a crackdown on illicit activities but also highlights the ongoing efforts to maintain law and order in the digital currency landscape. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity, authorities worldwide are increasingly vigilant against their misuse and illegal mining practices.


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