Port Klang Corruption Crackdown: 17 Customs Officers Detained, Millions Seized


17 Customs Officers Held, Millions Seized in Port Klang Smuggling Probe

Port Klang Corruption Crackdown 17 Customs Officers Detained, Millions Seized
Port Klang Corruption Crackdown 17 Customs Officers Detained, Millions Seized

Corruption Probe Unveils Massive Leakages and Illicit Practices

PUTRAJAYA: A significant crackdown on corruption has rocked Port Klang as 17 individuals, including Customs Department officials, were detained amidst allegations of causing leakages amounting to RM3.5 billion.

In a joint operation involving the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Customs authorities, cash amounting to RM4.4 million suspected to be proceeds of corruption was seized. Among the detained, 11 are Customs officers, with the remainder comprising company directors, staff, and associated individuals.

Assets Seized in the Operation

Luxury items obtained allegedly through illicit means were also confiscated, including four Yamaha XMAX motorcycles valued at RM28,000 each, a Toyota Alphard worth over RM200,000, a BMW, jewellery, luxury watches, and even a plot of land, all believed to have been purchased with ill-gotten gains.

Financial Investigations Underway

MACC sources revealed that 12 bank accounts linked to companies and individuals worth RM2 million have been frozen, with further efforts underway to trace additional accounts connected to the syndicate.

The investigation, triggered by suspicious activities related to 19 seized containers, uncovered false declarations of goods. Initially claimed as wheelchairs, textiles, and health equipment exempt from taxes, the containers were found to contain items such as LED lights, solar panels, motorcycle accessories, sport rims, and canned processed pork.

Impact on Government Revenue

Authorities estimate that the tax evasion scheme involving these goods has resulted in significant losses to government revenue, amounting to millions of ringgit.

“This operation marks a crucial victory in combating corruption within enforcement agencies and plugging revenue leakages,” stated a source familiar with the case.

MACC’s Efforts and Future Actions

Deputy Chief Commissioner Datuk Seri Ahmad Khusairi Yahaya affirmed the arrests, emphasizing ongoing efforts to apprehend the mastermind behind the syndicate with the assistance of international agencies.

“We are committed to upholding integrity and transparency in governance, ensuring that those who abuse their positions for personal gain face justice,” he concluded.


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