Rabies Case Recorded in Padawan: Kuching South Mayor Urges Vigilance


1 rabies case recorded in Padawan this week, says Kuching South mayor

Rabies Case Recorded in Padawan Kuching South Mayor Urges Vigilance
Rabies Case Recorded in Padawan Kuching South Mayor Urges Vigilance

KUCHING (July 8): One rabies case involving a pet dog in Kampung Kuap, Padawan near here was recorded this week, according to Kuching South mayor Datuk Wee Hong Seng.

Details of the Rabies Case

Mayor Wee Hong Seng confirmed during a recent Facebook live session ‘Shall WEE Talk’ that a pet dog tested positive for rabies in Padawan. This incident has prompted local authorities to issue a public advisory on the importance of pet vaccination and responsible pet ownership.

Importance of Rabies Vaccination for Pets

Wee emphasized the critical need for pet owners to ensure their dogs are vaccinated against rabies. He highlighted that vaccination is not only a legal requirement but also essential for public health safety.

“Pet owners are reminded to send their dogs for rabies vaccination and obtain the necessary licenses,” said Wee, addressing concerns raised during the live session.

Addressing Concerns About Cat Vaccination

While discussing vaccination protocols, Wee acknowledged queries from the public regarding the exclusion of cats from rabies vaccination programs. He reassured residents that he has raised this issue with the Veterinary Services Department of Sarawak (DVSS).

“There is a legitimate concern about the potential for rabies transmission through cats as well. We hope the DVSS will take steps to address this community demand,” noted Wee, promising to update the public once a decision is made.

Attending the Unesco Creative Cities Network Conference

In addition to addressing local health concerns, Mayor Wee Hong Seng also announced his participation in the upcoming Unesco Creative Cities Network (UCCN) annual conference.

UCCN Conference Details

Wee revealed plans to attend this year’s UCCN conference in Portugal, where creative city initiatives and sustainable urban development will take center stage. The event gathers mayors from approximately 350 cities worldwide, aiming to foster cultural diversity and economic growth through creative industries.

Future UCCN Conference in Mexico

Looking ahead, Wee shared insights into next year’s UCCN conference scheduled to convene in Mexico. This upcoming event underscores the network’s commitment to promoting cultural exchange and innovative urban planning strategies globally.


The recent rabies case in Padawan serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing public health challenges faced by local communities. Mayor Wee Hong Seng’s proactive approach to addressing these issues reflects his commitment to safeguarding public health and promoting international cultural diplomacy through platforms like the UCCN.

For more updates on local health advisories and international city collaborations, stay tuned to our news updates.


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