Rare Sighting! Michael Jackson’s Son Bigi Steps Out in LA 😱


Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket ‘Bigi’ Steps Out in RARE Appearance

Rare Sighting! Michael Jackson's Son Bigi Steps Out in LA 😱
Rare Sighting! Michael Jackson’s Son Bigi Steps Out in LA 😱

In a rare public outing, Michael Jackson’s youngest son, Bigi Jackson, was spotted in Los Angeles. The 22-year-old, also known as Blanket, is famously private, making this sighting all the more noteworthy. Bigi’s appearance comes amidst ongoing filming for the upcoming biopic “Michael,” where his cousin, Jafaar Jackson, portrays their legendary father.

Michael Jackson’s Son Blanket ‘Bigi’ Steps Out in RARE Appearance

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Bigi Jackson, formerly known as Blanket, made a rare appearance in Los Angeles, catching the attention of fans and media alike. The 22-year-old, who has largely remained out of the public eye, was seen sporting a Star Wars t-shirt, black gym shorts, and matching sneakers during his outing.

Despite his desire for privacy, Bigi’s presence serves as a reminder of his father’s enduring legacy. As the youngest child of the King of Pop, Bigi, along with his siblings Prince and Paris Jackson, continues to honor Michael Jackson’s memory in their own ways. While Prince and Paris have begun stepping into the spotlight, pursuing careers in entertainment, Bigi has opted for a more private lifestyle.

In previous interviews, Bigi has expressed his commitment to preserving his father’s humanitarian legacy. Michael Jackson’s message of love and peace remains central to his children’s endeavors, as they strive to make a positive impact on the world.

As filming progresses for the biopic “Michael,” anticipation builds among fans eager to see Michael Jackson’s life story portrayed on the big screen. With Jafaar Jackson embodying his uncle Michael and Coleman Domingo portraying Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the musical dynasty, the film promises to delve into the complexities of Michael Jackson’s life and legacy.

While details about the biopic continue to emerge, fans eagerly await its release, eager to witness the portrayal of Michael Jackson’s iconic journey. In the meantime, sightings of Bigi, Prince, and Paris Jackson serve as poignant reminders of the enduring impact of the King of Pop.


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