Rehabilitated Mountain Lion Released into the Wild


A Miraculous Recovery and a Triumphant Return

Rehabilitated Mountain Lion Released into the Wild
Rehabilitated Mountain Lion Released into the Wild

A rehabilitated mountain lion, which had faced a harrowing ordeal after being hit by a car, has finally been released back into the wild. The big cat’s journey to recovery was long and challenging, but thanks to the dedicated efforts of the San Diego Humane Society’s Ramona Wildlife Center, he is now roaming free again.

The Accident and Rescue

The mountain lion was found with severe injuries, including road rash, a broken jaw, a damaged tooth, and fur matted with ticks and burrs. The extent of his injuries required immediate and extensive medical intervention. Upon arrival at the Ramona Wildlife Center, the animal was sedated so that veterinarians and dentists could begin the crucial process of treating his wounds.

Intensive Medical Care

The medical team worked meticulously to repair the mountain lion’s broken jaw and perform a root canal on his upper right canine tooth. These procedures were vital for his recovery, ensuring that he could eat properly and live without pain. The care did not stop at surgery; for months following the operation, the mountain lion was closely monitored.

Rehabilitation and Monitoring

During his rehabilitation, the mountain lion was observed to ensure he could eat on his own and move comfortably without any signs of distress. The dedicated staff at the Ramona Wildlife Center kept a vigilant eye on him, making sure every aspect of his recovery was progressing as expected.

Return to the Wild

Once the mountain lion demonstrated full recovery, it was time for him to return to his natural habitat. To monitor his adaptation and future movements, he was fitted with a GPS collar before his release. This will allow wildlife experts to track his progress and ensure his continued well-being in the wild.

This successful rehabilitation and release highlight the crucial work being done by wildlife conservation organizations and the impact of their dedication to preserving natural wildlife.


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