Sabah Flood Update: 474 Victims Remain in Relief Centres


Overview of the Situation

Sabah Flood Update 474 Victims Remain in Relief Centres
Sabah Flood Update 474 Victims Remain in Relief Centres

KOTA KINABALU (July 3) – As Sabah continues to grapple with the aftermath of severe flooding, the State Disaster Management Committee has reported that 474 individuals from 144 families are still seeking refuge in temporary relief centres across the affected districts. This figure marks a slight decrease from the 481 evacuees recorded yesterday evening.

Detailed Shelter Statistics

At present, four relief centres in Penampang, Putatan, Tuaran, and Tamparuli are actively accommodating displaced residents. Here is a breakdown of the current shelter populations:

  1. Penampang Cultural Hall
    • Current Population: 285 individuals from 93 families
    • Previous Count: 296 individuals from 97 families
    Despite a slight decrease in numbers, the Penampang Cultural Hall remains a critical refuge for many affected by the floods since its opening on Sunday.
  2. Sri Putatan Hall
    • Current Population: 138 individuals from 37 families
    • Status: Unchanged from previous reports
    The Sri Putatan Hall continues to provide stable shelter, supporting its occupants without notable fluctuations in population.
  3. Dewan Balai Raya Kampung Tutu Selupoh, Tuaran
    • Current Population: 33 individuals from 9 families
    • Previous Count: 29 individuals from 8 families
    There has been a slight increase in the number of evacuees at this location, highlighting ongoing challenges in managing the aftermath of the floods.
  4. Dewan Balai Raya Kampung Bontoi, Tamparuli
    • Current Population: 18 individuals from 5 families
    • Status: Stable with no change in numbers
    The Dewan Balai Raya Kampung Bontoi remains a steady support system for its residents, maintaining consistent numbers during this challenging time.

Response and Relief Efforts

The State Disaster Management Committee continues to coordinate relief efforts, ensuring that all evacuees receive necessary assistance and support. Authorities remain vigilant, monitoring water levels and providing updates to affected communities.


As the situation evolves, authorities are urging residents in flood-prone areas to remain cautious and prepared. The commitment to swift response and effective relief operations remains paramount in ensuring the safety and well-being of all affected individuals.


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