Sarawak Deploys 400 Traffic Cops for Gawai Op Lancar to Ensure Road Safety


400 Traffic Cops to be on Duty Across Sarawak for Gawai’s Op Lancar

Sarawak Deploys 400 Traffic Cops for Gawai Op Lancar to Ensure Road Safety
Sarawak Deploys 400 Traffic Cops for Gawai Op Lancar to Ensure Road Safety

Sarawak Police to Ensure Smooth Traffic Flow During Gawai Celebration

KUCHING (May 24) — In preparation for the upcoming Gawai celebration, the Sarawak police will deploy approximately 400 traffic officers for Op Lancar, scheduled from May 30 to June 4. This large-scale operation aims to manage traffic flow and ensure road safety during one of the busiest times of the year.

Focus on Accident-Prone Roads

Sarawak police commissioner Datuk Mancha Ata announced that the operation will concentrate on federal, state, and council roads notorious for traffic jams and accidents. “This operation is to ease the flow of traffic, especially during peak hours and also to take action against any traffic offenders,” Mancha stated in a recent press release.

Safety First: Commissioner’s Advice to Road Users

Commissioner Mancha urged all road users to adhere strictly to traffic regulations and to comply with any instructions issued by the traffic police. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing safety to prevent accidents and ensure a smooth journey for everyone celebrating Gawai.

“Strict action will be taken against any traffic offenders,” Mancha warned, highlighting the importance of road safety during this festive period. “Always remember your loved ones at home and safety must be prioritised.”

Reducing Fatal Crashes: The Ultimate Goal

The primary objective of Op Lancar is not only to facilitate smooth traffic flow but also to reduce the number of fatal crashes. Mancha expressed hope that the enhanced police presence and proactive measures would contribute to a safer environment for all road users.

Extra Precautions for Gawai Celebrators

Mancha also advised those leaving their homes for the Gawai celebration to inform the police. This information would enable the police to plan and conduct patrols in residential areas, helping to deter potential housebreakings and ensuring the safety of properties during the festivities.

By deploying a significant number of traffic officers and focusing on strategic areas, the Sarawak police aim to create a safe and orderly environment for everyone traveling during the Gawai celebration.


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