Sarawakian Hero Wong Su Chung Conquers Mount Everest at 60


Sarawakian Hero Conquers Mount Everest at 60

Sarawakian Hero Wong Su Chung Conquers Mount Everest at 60
Sarawakian Hero Wong Su Chung Conquers Mount Everest at 60

Wong Su Chung from Miri Achieves Historic Feat

KUCHING: Sixty-year-old Wong Su Chung from Miri has been lauded as a hero after becoming the first Sarawakian to conquer Mount Everest. This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone not only for Wong but also for the Sarawakian community.

Wong’s journey to the summit of the world’s highest peak took 45 days, starting from Kathmandu, Nepal, to the top of Mount Everest and back, according to The Borneo Post. This challenging expedition was the result of three years of meticulous planning and rigorous training.

A Monumental Achievement

Wong reached the summit on May 19, a date that coincidentally marked his 34th wedding anniversary. His triumphant return to Sarawak on Saturday, May 25, was met with much celebration and admiration.

“I am 60 years old this year. Few people my age would want to take on this task, but I see it as a personal challenge,” Wong said at the airport upon his return. He emphasized the importance of caution throughout his ascent and descent, always keeping his family in mind.

An Inspiration to All

Born in Sarikei and having moved to Miri at a young age, Wong has continually sought to push his limits. Last year, he climbed the eighth-highest peak in the world, further demonstrating his remarkable determination and skill.

Deputy Tourism, Creative Industry, and Performing Arts Minister Datuk Sebastian Ting, who was present to welcome Wong, praised his incredible feat. “Wong is our hero, and we are proud that he was the first Sarawakian to conquer Mount Everest, especially at 60 years old,” said Ting.

Wong’s accomplishment serves as an inspiration, proving that age is no barrier to achieving extraordinary goals.


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