Sarawak’s Health Facilities Fully Prepared for SUKMA 2024


Ensuring Safety and Health for Athletes and Visitors

Sarawak’s Health Facilities Fully Prepared for SUKMA 2024
Sarawak’s Health Facilities Fully Prepared for SUKMA 2024

KUCHING: Sarawak is fully geared up to host the 21st Malaysian Games (SUKMA) with all health facilities in its nine divisions prepared and in excellent condition. According to Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Dr Sim Kui Hian, the state is ready to ensure the well-being of athletes, officials, and visitors during the grand sporting event.

Comprehensive Health Services in Place

Prioritizing Health and Safety

Ensuring the availability of robust health services is a top priority for the Sarawak Government. With 488 sporting events scheduled to take place across the state, comprehensive preparations have been made to prevent any unfortunate incidents. Dr Sim emphasized that the health sector is deeply involved in the organization of the games, with ambulances and medical teams ready to handle emergencies, such as fainting or sudden death.

Multi-Sector Collaboration

Speaking at a press conference following the opening ceremony of the 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Public Health (APCPH) at Pullman Hotel, Dr Sim, who also serves as the Minister of Public Health, Housing, and Local Government, stressed the importance of a collective approach. “Hosting SUKMA is a collective responsibility,” he said, urging all sectors to play their respective roles effectively.

Upgrading Municipal Facilities for SUKMA

Joint Efforts for Infrastructure Improvements

Dr Sim highlighted the ongoing upgrades to many municipal facilities being utilized for SUKMA. These enhancements are being funded through a collaborative effort by local authorities, the Sarawak Government, and the Federal Government. This joint initiative aims to provide top-notch venues and infrastructure for the athletes and the audience.

Ensuring a Successful Event

“As the host, we cannot point fingers or blame any party because our common goal is to ensure a successful event. This means everyone needs to contribute,” Dr Sim added, underlining the importance of unity and cooperation among all stakeholders involved in the event.

Readiness Across Nine Divisions

Extensive Preparations for 488 Sporting Events

The preparations for SUKMA encompass all nine divisions of Sarawak, where the sporting events will take place. Each division’s health facilities have been thoroughly inspected and equipped to handle any potential health issues that may arise during the games. This meticulous planning ensures that all participants and spectators can enjoy the event with peace of mind.

The Role of the Health Sector

Dr Sim emphasized that the health sector’s role extends beyond emergency response. It includes preventive measures, public health awareness campaigns, and ensuring that all health protocols are strictly followed throughout the event. The goal is to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved.

Enhancing Public Health Infrastructure

Long-Term Benefits for Sarawak

The upgrades and preparations for SUKMA also bring long-term benefits to Sarawak’s public health infrastructure. The investments in health facilities and services will continue to serve the community long after the games have concluded. This legacy of improved health services is a significant advantage for the state.

Collaboration and Commitment

Dr Sim’s call for collaboration and commitment from all sectors reflects the spirit of SUKMA. It is not just about sports but also about community building and enhancing the overall quality of life for the people of Sarawak. The successful hosting of SUKMA will showcase Sarawak’s capability and readiness to host major events, boosting its reputation on both national and international stages.


The upcoming 21st Malaysian Games (SUKMA) in Sarawak is set to be a remarkable event, thanks to the extensive preparations and collaborative efforts of the government and various sectors. With health facilities in top condition and a dedicated focus on safety, Sarawak is ready to welcome athletes and visitors to a safe and exciting sporting extravaganza.


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