Sarawak’s Success Rooted in Hard Work, Not Luck, Declares Premier Abang Johari


Sarawak’s Achievement Not Due to Luck but Hard Work, Says Abang Johari

Sarawak's Success Rooted in Hard Work, Not Luck, Declares Premier Abang Johari
Sarawak’s Success Rooted in Hard Work, Not Luck, Declares Premier Abang Johari

Premier Credits Leadership and Technological Embrace for State’s Success

KUCHING (June 5): Sarawak’s impressive achievements are a testament to the hard work and dedication of its leadership and people, rather than mere luck. This was emphasized by Premier Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg during the Gawai Dayak Betong 2024 celebration at the Dewan Tan Sri Stephen Kalong Ningkan in Betong today.

Abang Johari highlighted that the state’s progress has been significantly guided by the Post Covid-19 Development Strategy (PCDS) 2030, which places a strong emphasis on advanced technology and human capital development.

“When people say we are lucky and not hard-working just to enjoy our achievements, that is not true,” stated the Premier. “Because of the tireless efforts of our leaders and people in harnessing opportunities and available natural resources, Sarawak has recorded an income of RM13 billion as of 2023, making some people jealous of us.”

Addressing Jealous Critics

The Premier, who also serves as Sarawak’s Minister of Finance and New Economy, pointed out that certain quarters envious of Sarawak’s rapid development have attempted to tarnish the state’s image.

“It is our (Sarawak government) job (to find revenue for the state). Then we will return it back to the people through structured development,” he said. Abang Johari expressed confidence that the state might earn even more revenue this year, which could further fuel jealousy from detractors.

“These jealous people, they just want to destroy us,” he remarked. “So we in GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) know how to differentiate between glass and diamonds, because our intention is for the people. There are many more developments we have been planning for the state.”

Future Developments in the Pipeline

The Premier assured that the Sarawak government, under the GPS coalition, remains committed to advancing the state’s development agenda. He hinted at numerous upcoming projects aimed at further elevating Sarawak’s status and prosperity, reinforcing that the achievements are the result of strategic planning and relentless effort rather than fortuitous circumstances.


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