Shocking Video: Elderly Man Saved by Heroic Nurses After Cardiac Arrest at ATM


The Incident

Shocking Video: Elderly Man Saved by Heroic Nurses After Cardiac Arrest at ATM
Shocking Video: Elderly Man Saved by Heroic Nurses After Cardiac Arrest at ATM

In a stunning and heartwarming turn of events, an elderly man collapsed from cardiac arrest at an ATM, only to be saved by a group of heroic nurses who happened to be nearby. The incredible rescue, captured on video, has garnered widespread attention and praise.

The Collapse

A Normal Day Turns Extraordinary

It was an ordinary day at Northwell Health on Long Island when an 83-year-old man collapsed in front of an ATM. Exactly 15 seconds later, a woman arriving with her son for work noticed the stricken man on the floor. Without hesitation, she rushed into her office, screaming for help.

“I immediately knew that through my office doors I’d have access to some of the world’s best nurses,” she recounted. “I ran inside and screamed for help.”

Immediate Response

Her colleague, Whitney Ctz, heard the screams and sprang into action. “When I heard Kaylee screaming for help, we ran outside, checked for a pulse, which I didn’t feel, and immediately started CPR,” Whitney explained. The situation was dire, but Whitney’s quick thinking and training kicked in.

The Rescue

Team Effort

Incredibly, the man was suffering a medical emergency next to an office filled with nurse practitioners. Despite being used to such emergencies in a hospital setting, this scenario was unexpected for the team. Nurse Samantha Megic took over the chest compressions from Whitney. “I got down on the floor with Whitney to help trade off CPR because it is tiring,” Samantha said.

Critical Intervention

Nurse Christina Frell ran into the office to grab a defibrillator, which was luckily in one of the rooms closest to the door. She delivered an electric shock to the man’s heart in hopes of restoring his heartbeat. Within minutes, the patient had an entire team of nurses and hospital administrators working to save his life.

“I have an ER background,” Christina noted. “I just switched off with the girls when they needed.”

The Outcome

Revival and Recovery

Their combined efforts were successful. The paramedics arrived just in time to transport the revived man to the hospital. The nurses believe it was a miracle that they were there at the right place and right time. “He didn’t have a chance if no one found him. He would have died,” one of the nurses stated.

A Grateful Survivor

Today, the man, Daniel Greco, is recovering from triple bypass heart surgery at PL View Hospital. He and his wife, Bonnie, of 55 years, expressed their immense gratitude to the team of nurses who saved his life.

“It’s a miracle. I see it, and I still don’t believe it,” Daniel said, visibly emotional. “I don’t know how you could thank people that saved your life. It was so wonderful to see them, to hug them, and meet them for the first time.”


A Heartwarming Reunion

The video of the incident and the subsequent reunion of Daniel Greco with his saviors has touched the hearts of many. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of quick thinking, teamwork, and the remarkable impact that trained professionals can have in critical moments.

Community Impact

The story has not only highlighted the heroism of the nurses but also underscored the significance of having medical equipment like defibrillators readily available in public spaces. The swift action and expertise of the Northwell Health nurses undoubtedly made the difference between life and death for Daniel Greco.

Final Thoughts

This remarkable rescue is a testament to the dedication and skill of healthcare professionals. It also emphasizes the importance of being prepared for emergencies, whether in a hospital setting or out in the community.


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