Showcasing Sarawak: Media’s Crucial Role in Cultural Promotion


Media Plays Critical Role in Promoting Sarawak: Abdullah

Showcasing Sarawak: Media's Crucial Role in Cultural Promotion
Showcasing Sarawak: Media’s Crucial Role in Cultural Promotion

Importance of Promotional Efforts

KUCHING: Sarawak is set to bolster its promotional endeavors to garner greater recognition both domestically and internationally. Deputy Minister in the Premier’s Department (Corporate Affairs and Sarawak Public Communication Unit), Datuk Abdullah Saidol, emphasized the pivotal role of such initiatives during the ‘Sepetang Bersama Media’ Tea Party. This event was organized by the State Department of Culture and Arts (JKKN) in collaboration with UKAS.

Promotion Through Cultural Events

“One of the primary strategies involves extensive coverage of cultural events, art festivals, and exhibitions,” Abdullah asserted, aiming to acquaint the global community with the distinct cultural tapestry of Sarawak.

Media’s Role in Cultural Preservation

Abdullah underscored the indispensable role of media in fostering public awareness and appreciation of Sarawak’s cultural heritage. He particularly highlighted its significance in preserving and promoting local art and culture, crucially among the younger populace.

Educating Through Coverage

“With comprehensive media coverage, we can educate our communities, especially the youth, on the enduring values and traditions that warrant preservation,” he stated.

Platform for Artistic Recognition

Moreover, Abdullah noted that media platforms provide invaluable avenues for artists and cultural activists to showcase their talents. This exposure not only propels their careers but also enriches the local cultural milieu.

Acknowledgement and Appreciation

“Coverage of artistic and cultural activities serves to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of artists within our communities,” Abdullah added.


In conclusion, the media’s role in promoting Sarawak’s cultural wealth cannot be overstated. Through strategic coverage and promotion of cultural events, Sarawak aims to secure broader recognition on the global stage. This initiative not only preserves cultural heritage but also nurtures artistic talent, enriching the social fabric of Sarawak.


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