Snake Spree in Sibu Keeps APM Sibu Busy: 20-Foot Python and More Captured!


Snakes Galore in Sibu Keeps APM Personnel Busy

Snake Spree in Sibu Keeps APM Sibu Busy 20-Foot Python and More Captured!
Snake Spree in Sibu Keeps APM Sibu Busy 20-Foot Python and More Captured!

APM Responds Swiftly to Multiple Snake Encounters

SIBU, June 13, 2024 – The Sibu Civil Defence Force (APM) has been on high alert as several incidents of snakes invading residential and commercial areas have been reported in recent days, coinciding with the end of the Gawai celebration.

The APM Sibu’s Facebook page has been abuzz with updates on their rapid responses to emergency calls regarding these reptilian intrusions.

On June 11, a dramatic capture unfolded as an 8-foot-long cobra was discovered under a kitchen cabinet at a residence along Jalan RTM. Weighing in at 12 kg, this formidable serpent was swiftly secured by APM personnel following a distress call received at 6:35 pm.

Just a day later, on June 12, another distress call rang through the APM hotline at 11:52 am. This time, a monstrous 20-foot-long python, weighing an astonishing 50 kg, had made its home in a drain at a residence on Lorong 4A, Jalan Kenari. APM’s swift action ensured the situation was promptly brought under control.

The snake saga continued later that afternoon when a shopowner along Jalan Brook Drive reported an 8-foot cobra weighing approximately 5 kg lurking behind their premises. Responding promptly at 2:40 pm, APM successfully captured the snake, bringing relief to the affected area.

For residents facing similar emergencies, APM Sibu remains on standby with their emergency hotline accessible 24/7 at 084-220044 or the national emergency number 999.


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