‘So There It Goes Again!’: Trump Rails About Rising Costs Of Gas, Food


Trump’s Critique on Soaring Gas and Food Prices

'So There It Goes Again!': Trump Rails About Rising Costs Of Gas, Food
‘So There It Goes Again!’: Trump Rails About Rising Costs Of Gas, Food

Former President Donald Trump has once again taken to the public forum to voice his concerns over the escalating costs of gasoline and essential food items. In a recent statement, Trump lambasted the Biden administration’s handling of economic policies, attributing the surge in prices to what he perceives as a series of misguided decisions.

Gasoline Prices on the Rise

Trump didn’t mince words when addressing the issue of rising gasoline prices. He pointed out that gas prices are nearing $4 a gallon in many states, with some areas experiencing even steeper hikes. Citing a nearly 6% increase in prices over the last month alone, Trump warned that the trend is likely to continue upwards, adversely affecting American households.

The former President accused Biden of harboring intentions to keep gas prices high to support his push for electric cars, labeling it a “ridiculous policy.” Trump criticized Biden’s decision to halt the Keystone XL pipeline and cancel oil leases in Alaska while greenlighting a Russian pipeline to Europe. He asserted that such actions have undermined American energy independence and exacerbated the situation.

Soaring Food Costs

In addition to gas prices, Trump addressed the surge in food prices, noting a staggering 39% increase in the cost of essentials compared to three years ago. He highlighted the impact on consumers, who now find themselves paying significantly more for basic groceries like eggs, chicken, and steak. Trump squarely placed the blame on what he termed “crooked Joe Biden’s inflation,” accusing the current administration of mismanagement and excessive spending.

Promise of Remedial Action

Promising swift action if re-elected, Trump pledged to prioritize reducing gas and electricity prices for American families. He emphasized a pro-drilling stance and vowed to slash energy regulations to restore stability to the market. Trump also criticized Biden’s handling of inflation, asserting that under his leadership, inflation was virtually nonexistent.

In conclusion, Trump positioned himself as the antidote to what he perceives as Biden’s economic failures, promising to rebuild the economy and alleviate financial burdens on American households. Whether his promises translate into tangible results remains to be seen, but his critique of current economic policies rings loud and clear.


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