Taylor Louise: A Journey of Courage and Confidence at Saradise Kuching


A Shy Start on the Streets of Kuching

Taylor Louise A Journey of Courage and Confidence at Saradise Kuching
Taylor Louise A Journey of Courage and Confidence at Saradise Kuching

Taylor Louise, a budding singer with a heart full of dreams, is making waves at Saradise Kuching with her street performances. However, her journey to this point has been anything but smooth. “Why am I singing and busking on the street?” Taylor often finds herself pondering, especially when passersby look on with curiosity.

Recalling her very first busking experience at Trinity Hub near a kopitiam, Taylor shares, “Tears were running down my cheeks after singing one song because I felt really uncomfortable. I felt very awkward because many kopitiam patrons were looking at me. There were no applause; was it because my singing was bad?”

Overcoming the Initial Struggles

Feeling defeated, Taylor confided in her mother, expressing her unease and the lack of response from the audience. Her mother’s words of encouragement became a turning point for her. “Taylor, you are shy right? GorGor JieJie are also shy just like you. But Mama knows they heard you. You just need to be brave and keep singing until one day they will come and say hi to you. So now, wipe your tears; take a sip of water and continue your singing. Mama promised you will be fine. Don’t worry.”

With renewed determination, Taylor returned to her spot and continued busking. The initial discomfort began to fade, and she gradually grew more confident with each performance.

Building Confidence and Connecting with the Audience

“Fast forward after a few times of busking; I felt more confident,” Taylor says. Now, every time she busks, she reminds herself of her mission to touch the hearts of her audience. “I have to shed all my egos and be thick-skinned to improve myself. I really need to. I told myself I have to keep doing it until I get there. I know it will be a tough long journey, but I have faith in God. He is there watching over me.”

Taylor hopes that her journey can inspire others who feel shy or hesitant to pursue their passions. “GorGor JieJie, if one day you bump into me, I am just as shy like you. Please wave to me to show your support; and I will wave back.”

Upcoming Performances

Fans and supporters of Taylor Louise can look forward to her next busking session scheduled for the 3rd or 4th week’s Saturday in July, following her singing competition. “I will post in advance my busking session when the date is near, okay? Pray for me,” she requests with heartfelt sincerity.

Stay tuned for updates and make sure to catch Taylor Louise’s captivating performances at Saradise Kuching. Your support means the world to this talented young artist on her journey to success.


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