Taylor Swift Makes Her First Appearance on Forbes’ Billionaire List


Taylor Swift’s Epic Entry on Forbes’ Billionaire List! Eras Tour Makes History 🎤💰

Taylor Swift Makes Her First Appearance on Forbes’ Billionaire List
Taylor Swift Makes Her First Appearance on Forbes’ Billionaire List

🚀 Taylor Swift just made her debut on Forbes’ Billionaire List, and the internet is buzzing! 🎉 Watch as we dive into the details of her phenomenal rise to the number 14 spot, thanks to her groundbreaking Eras tour! From her chart-topping hits to her savvy business ventures, Taylor Swift is proving she’s not just a pop icon, but a financial powerhouse! 💼💰 Don’t miss out on this exclusive scoop as we break down how Taylor Swift, along with other mega-stars like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Oprah Winfrey, is dominating the world of wealth! 🔥

Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey

Taylor’s a mastermind and a first-time billionaire according to Forbes with an estimated worth of 1.1 billion. The 34-year-old comes in at number 14 on the list. The artist earned her 190 million after taxes. Taylor is the first person to make the billionaire club solely on songwriting and performing. “The fans are the people who turned it into something very empowering. How lucky am I,” she exclaimed. Law and Orders Creator Dick Wolf ties with Magic Johnson and LeBron James, all worth a reported 1.2 billion. Next is Tiger Woods and Rihanna, with 1.4 billion, thanks to her lingerie and beauty lines, making her ninth on the list. “We like to challenge ourselves and challenge tradition and find new ways of redefining sexy,” Rihanna commented. Tyler Perry ranks number eight, followed by director Peter Jackson, Kim Kardashian, then Jay-Z. Even after stepping down from Weight Watchers, Forbes puts Oprah Winfrey’s worth at 2.8 billion. “So exciting, just so thrilling,” Winfrey remarked. Michael Jordan’s number three on the list at two that’s Steven Spielberg, who hasn’t gotten a salary in over a decade. Instead, he makes a percentage of his movie ticket sales. Forbes number one celeb billionaire, though, that’s Star Wars Creator George Lucas, with nearly 5.5 billion in the bank. “I like space, space is fun, and so we’ll create a kind of fantasy space world where I can tell some stories,” Lucas shared.


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