Terrifying Encounter as Shark Attacks Jet Skiers in Florida Panhandle


Bull Shark Menaces Jet Skiers in Greaton Beach

Terrifying Encounter as Shark Attacks Jet Skiers in Florida Panhandle
Terrifying Encounter as Shark Attacks Jet Skiers in Florida Panhandle

In a harrowing incident off Greaton Beach in the Florida Panhandle, jet skiers experienced a terrifying encounter with an aggressive bull shark. The incident, captured on video, shows the shark menacingly circling one jet skier before launching a sudden attack. Eyewitnesses described the scene as incredibly unnerving, especially in the wake of recent shark attacks in the area.

Andrew Katy, who was jet skiing with his son, recounted the chilling moment. “It literally launched itself out of the water towards the back end of my jet ski,” he said. The attack occurred just a few miles from where three swimmers were attacked over the weekend.

Surge in Shark Attacks Raises Concerns

The recent spike in shark attacks has left the local community on edge. Among the victims was 45-year-old Elizabeth Foley, who had to have part of her arm amputated, and a 15-year-old girl who lost her hand and leg. These incidents have sparked concerns about the potential presence of a rogue shark in the waters.

Joseph Aulo, curator and co-founder at the Long Island Aquarium, weighed in on the situation. “I don’t think you could rule out that it was just one individual cruising that area, but to say definitively either way, that would just be a guess,” he said.

Authorities on High Alert

Local authorities are on high alert, advising beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts to exercise extreme caution. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating the recent attacks and has increased patrols in the area to ensure public safety.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of these attacks, the focus remains on preventing further incidents and understanding the behavior of these formidable predators.


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