Tragic Billboard Fire in MALAYSIA Highlights Urgent Need for Safety Protocols


Nine Workers Trapped in Fiery Incident

Tragic Billboard Fire in MALAYSIA Highlights Urgent Need for Safety Protocols
Tragic Billboard Fire in MALAYSIA Highlights Urgent Need for Safety Protocols

In a harrowing incident on Friday, a billboard fire near the Catholic High School along the Federal Highway left nine Indonesian workers trapped, underscoring the critical importance of stringent workplace safety protocols. The incident resulted in one worker sustaining arm injuries, while others suffered minor burns on their hands and feet.

Preliminary Investigation Points to Short Circuit

According to Tanri Le Lamai, Chairman of the Alliance for a Safe Community, preliminary investigations suggest that a short circuit likely caused the fire. The electronic billboard, which was situated in a busy area, caught fire unexpectedly, leading to the emergency situation.

Lack of Safety Equipment and Coordinator Noted

Tanri Le Lamai highlighted that the workers involved in the incident were found without any personal protective equipment (PPE), which is essential for safeguarding against such hazards. This omission is a clear violation of workplace safety regulations and standard operating procedures. Additionally, it was noted that there was no safety coordinator present at the site, a requirement for work environments with more than five workers.

A Call for Enhanced Safety Measures

The incident has sparked a call for immediate and enhanced safety measures across all maintenance operations. Tanri Le Lamai stressed that this tragic event should serve as a stark reminder of the perils associated with neglecting established safety standards. He emphasized the necessity for all maintenance operators and workers to adhere strictly to safety guidelines to prevent future occurrences.


This unfortunate event serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the urgent need for rigorous enforcement of safety protocols. Ensuring the presence of safety coordinators and the use of appropriate protective equipment are vital steps in safeguarding workers’ lives and preventing similar incidents in the future.


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