Tragic Menjawah River Boat Accident: Body Found, Search Intensifies


Body of 1 of 2 Missing Kedah Men Found After Boat Sinks near Long Menjawah, Belaga

Tragic Menjawah River Boat Accident Body Found, Search Intensifies
Tragic Menjawah River Boat Accident Body Found, Search Intensifies

BELAGA, June 18: The search for two missing men from Kedah, Malaysia, took a tragic turn when the body of one victim was discovered following a boat accident along the Menjawah River near Rh Apan Long Menjawah. The incident occurred during a recreational outing that ended in disaster, prompting a large-scale search and rescue operation.

Discovery of Victim’s Body

The body of 36-year-old Balavishnu Permaloo, one of the two missing men, was found around 1.15pm today, approximately 50 meters from the location where the boat sank. Members of the public spotted the body and promptly alerted the authorities, leading to its recovery by the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) team stationed in Belaga. The body was subsequently handed over to the police for further investigation.

Details of the Incident

The tragic event unfolded on Sunday, June 16, at 4pm when a boat carrying five individuals capsized due to the strong currents in the Menjawah River. Among the passengers were four coworkers from a private company and the boat operator himself. Despite efforts by the operator to rescue everyone aboard, three individuals, including the operator, managed to be rescued while two others, Balavishnu Permaloo and 30-year-old Rhuban Apparoo, were swept away by the forceful river currents.

The group had reportedly rented the boat for a leisurely trip near Jeram Menjawah Belaga, accompanied by the local boat operator, a resident of Rh Apan.

Ongoing Search and Rescue Efforts

The search and rescue (SAR) operation has been ongoing since the incident occurred, mobilizing teams from Bomba, the police force, and the Civil Defence Force (APM), in addition to assistance from local villagers. Their combined efforts have focused on scouring the river and its banks to locate Rhuban Apparoo, who remains missing at the time of writing.

Authorities remain committed to exhausting all efforts in locating Rhuban and providing closure to the families affected by this tragic event. The community of Belaga has shown solidarity and support, assisting the SAR teams in navigating the challenging river terrain and extending their resources to aid in the search.


As the SAR operation continues, authorities urge caution and remind the public to prioritize safety during river activities, especially during periods of unpredictable weather conditions. The incident serves as a solemn reminder of the risks associated with recreational water activities and the importance of adhering to safety guidelines at all times.


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