Vendors No Longer Permitted at Kuching Waterfront: DBKU’s Strict Enforcement


DBKU: Vendors no longer allowed to run stalls at Kuching Waterfront

Vendors No Longer Permitted at Kuching Waterfront DBKU’s Strict Enforcement
Vendors No Longer Permitted at Kuching Waterfront DBKU’s Strict Enforcement


KUCHING (July 1): In a significant move to regulate the operations at Kuching Waterfront, vendors are no longer permitted to set up and operate stalls in this iconic area. The enforcement, effective today, is part of ‘Ops Sita’ – an initiative by the Kuching North City Commission (DBKU) to ensure compliance with the newly established regulations.

The Enforcement of Ops Sita

Background of Ops Sita

The operation, named ‘Ops Sita,’ was reported by the Sarawak Public Communications Unit (Ukas). It aims to bring order and adherence to the rules governing the use of the Kuching Waterfront. This enforcement action underscores the city’s commitment to maintaining the aesthetic and functional integrity of the waterfront area.

The Timeline of Events

The operations commenced at 9 am today and lasted for over an hour. DBKU, in their statement, highlighted that despite prior notifications to vendors, some continued to set up their stalls beyond the deadline of June 30.

Impact on Vendors

Initial Warnings and Compliance

DBKU had previously informed vendors that June 30 would be the last day for them to operate their stalls at Kuching Waterfront. The communication was clear, yet some vendors persisted in defying the regulation, resulting in the necessary enforcement action.

The Response from Vendors

Despite the advance notice, some vendors chose to remain operational, prompting DBKU to take immediate action. The commission dismantled stalls, removed signboards, and cleared the sites to ensure full compliance with the new rules.

Statements from DBKU

“Although most vendors had been informed that June 30 would be the last day for them to operate stalls (at Kuching Waterfront), some still opened their stalls. As a result, DBKU took action by dismantling the stalls, removing the signboards, and clearing the sites,” said the commission.

Future of Kuching Waterfront

Enhancing the Waterfront’s Appeal

DBKU’s stringent measures are expected to enhance the overall appeal of the Kuching Waterfront. By regulating vendor operations, the commission aims to create a cleaner, more organized environment for both locals and tourists.

Long-Term Vision

The long-term vision for the Kuching Waterfront includes a blend of leisure, tourism, and cultural activities, free from the clutter and congestion caused by unauthorized stalls. This strategic move aligns with broader city development plans and tourism enhancement projects.

Reactions and Feedback

Public Opinion

Public reaction to this enforcement action has been mixed. Some residents appreciate the efforts to maintain order and cleanliness at the waterfront, while others express concern over the livelihoods of the displaced vendors.

Vendor Sentiments

Affected vendors have voiced their frustrations, citing the short notice and the lack of alternative locations to continue their businesses. DBKU has yet to announce any compensation or relocation plans for these vendors.

Economic Implications

The immediate economic impact on the vendors is significant. However, DBKU argues that the long-term benefits for the waterfront area will outweigh these initial disruptions. The commission is optimistic that a more organized waterfront will attract more visitors and boost overall economic activity.


The enforcement of Ops Sita marks a turning point for the Kuching Waterfront. As DBKU continues to implement its regulations, the future of the waterfront looks to be more structured and appealing. While the immediate fallout includes the displacement of vendors, the overarching goal remains to enhance the beauty and functionality of this vital area.


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