Villagers Capture 12-Foot Crocodile in Pulau Gaya


Massive Reptile Found Along Seashore of Kampung Lok Baru

Villagers Capture 12-Foot Crocodile in Pulau Gaya
Villagers Capture 12-Foot Crocodile in Pulau Gaya

KOTA KINABALU (May 23) — In a remarkable display of courage and teamwork, villagers from Kampung Lok Baru in Pulau Gaya successfully captured a 12-foot-long (3.66 metres) crocodile yesterday. The massive reptile was spotted earlier along the seashore near their village, sparking immediate action from the local community.

Police and Civil Defence Respond Swiftly

Kota Kinabalu police chief ACP Kasim Muda reported that the incident was brought to the attention of the Pulau Gaya police booth at approximately 5.30pm. Responding quickly, police personnel arrived at the scene to assist in safely securing the crocodile and transporting it onto a boat.

“The villagers played a crucial role in capturing the crocodile,” said ACP Kasim Muda. “Their quick thinking and coordination were instrumental in ensuring the safety of the community.”

Crocodile Handed Over to Civil Defence

Following the capture, the crocodile was handed over to the Malaysia Civil Defence Force for further action. The authorities will determine the appropriate measures to ensure the reptile does not pose any further threat to the villagers.

The incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by communities living near crocodile habitats and underscores the importance of vigilance and preparedness in dealing with wildlife encounters.


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