Yayasan Farley Blood Donation Drive Surpasses Goal with 133 Donors


Yayasan Farley Blood Donation Drive Records Target-Breaking 133 Donors

Yayasan Farley Blood Donation Drive Surpasses Goal with 133 Donors
Yayasan Farley Blood Donation Drive Surpasses Goal with 133 Donors

Record-Breaking Blood Donation Drive at Farley Mall Kuching

Exceeding Expectations: A Successful Blood Donation Event

KUCHING (July 9): The Yayasan Farley Blood Donation Programme, held yesterday at Farley Mall Kuching, has achieved remarkable success, surpassing its initial target of 120 donors. The event, running from 9 AM to 2 PM, recorded a total of 133 successful participants, marking a significant milestone in the local community’s efforts to support healthcare initiatives.

Community Effort and Objective

The organisers expressed their satisfaction in a statement, highlighting the primary goal of the blood donation drive: to collect a substantial supply of blood to meet the increasing demand for transfusions in the community. The event also aimed to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation and its critical role in maintaining community health.

Statement from the Organisers

“In addition, the event sought to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation and its role in maintaining community health,” the statement read.

Stories of Dedication and Commitment

Among the dedicated donors was Blasius James, a 46-year-old general operations assistant. His donation yesterday marked his fifth contribution to the cause.

Blasius James: A Dedicated Donor

“Donating blood helps those in need and is also beneficial to our health. I wouldn’t call it a routine. Those wishing to donate blood must first assess their conditions before deciding to do so,” Blasius shared with The Borneo Post.

Blasius was joined by his wife and daughters, demonstrating a family commitment to the cause.

Inspirational Stories from Other Donors

Another notable participant was Anie Rosi, a 39-year-old programmer, for whom yesterday’s drive marked her eighth blood donation.

Anie Rosi: Overcoming Fear and Gaining Satisfaction

“I found out about this event via the Blood Bank Sarawak General Hospital’s (SGH) Facebook page. The SGH Blood Bank was where I first did my donation, thanks to my husband’s encouragement,” Anie said.

She added that each donation gives her a sense of satisfaction and positively impacts her mental health. Anie advised first-time donors to overcome their fear by focusing on the health benefits for themselves and others.

“My motivation when donating blood each time is driven by the desire to help those in need.”

Long-term Commitment to Blood Donation

Housewife Noraini Budiman shared her story of long-term commitment to blood donation. Having started at the age of 19, she has donated blood a total of 11 times to date.

Noraini Budiman: A Lifelong Dedication

“I began doing this because my cousin faced issues with insufficient blood. Therefore, I am determined to help those in need through efforts like this,” said the 33-year-old.

She assured all potential donors that the process of donating blood is not as painful as some might perceive.

Future Blood Donation Drives

The success of this event has set a positive precedent for future blood donation drives. The next blood donation event at Farley Mall Kuching is scheduled to take place on October 19. The organisers hope to continue this momentum and encourage even more participants to contribute to this vital cause.

Looking Forward

“The next blood donation drive at Farley Mall Kuching is set to take place this Oct 19.”

The community’s response to the Yayasan Farley Blood Donation Programme is a testament to the collective effort in promoting health and supporting those in need. The organisers and participants alike are hopeful that these events will continue to grow, further enhancing the community’s health and well-being.


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