Army Veteran Survives Grizzly Bear Attack on Honeymoon


A Combat Veteran’s Harrowing Encounter in the Wild

Army Veteran Survives Grizzly Bear Attack on Honeymoon
Army Veteran Survives Grizzly Bear Attack on Honeymoon

Shane Burke, an Army veteran who has faced the perils of combat and battled a brain tumor, recently confronted a new and unexpected challenge: a ferocious grizzly bear. The incident, which occurred during his honeymoon, has left many in awe of his resilience and quick thinking.

The Unthinkable Attack

Burke and his wife, Chloe, were enjoying the scenic beauty of Grand Teton National Park when the attack happened. While Burke ventured off to look for a rare great gray owl, Chloe stayed behind with their dog. Unexpectedly, Burke found himself face to face with a protective mama grizzly. “She was attacking me to kill me because I was perceived as a threat,” Burke explained.

A Desperate Fight for Survival

In an interview with Les Trent, Burke recounted the terrifying moments. “She jumped up, and I turned 180 degrees. She bit me right on the shoulder and tackled me,” he said, describing the attack reminiscent of Leonardo DiCaprio’s famous bear scene in “The Revenant.”

Despite carrying bear spray, Burke didn’t have time to use it. Incredibly, as he lay face down on the ground with his fingers interlocked on the back of his neck, the bear bit into the can of bear spray he was holding, causing it to explode in her mouth. “Biting into that bear spray saved your life,” Burke confirmed on Facebook, attributing his survival to the unexpected reaction.

Chloe’s Quick Response Saves the Day

Burke managed to reach Chloe on his cell phone, and her training as a paramedic proved crucial. “My mind just went right into what needs to happen,” she recalled. She instructed Burke to stop the bleeding and get rescue rolling. Using backpack straps, Burke improvised tourniquets for his severe injuries.

A search and rescue helicopter, guided by Burke’s 911 call, soon located him. He was airlifted to safety and underwent surgery, receiving staples for his wounds. Reflecting on the ordeal, Burke noted, “That bear could have done anything it wanted to me. There’s nothing I could have done.”

A Survivor’s Gratitude

Despite the life-threatening encounter, Burke urged park rangers not to harm the bear, recognizing that she was merely protecting her cub. His remarkable survival story is a testament to his bravery and quick thinking under extreme pressure.


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