Breaking News: Chilean Flight Lantam 800 Encounters Strong Shaking


Aftermath of Harrowing Moments on Sydney to Auckland Flight

Breaking News Chilean Flight Lantam 800 Encounters Strong Shaking
Breaking News Chilean Flight Lantam 800 Encounters Strong Shaking

In a shocking incident, passengers and crew on board Chilean Flight Lantam 800 experienced strong shaking during their journey from Sydney to Auckland, New Zealand. The aftermath left 50 injured individuals, with at least one person lying on the floor and others sustaining bleeding head injuries after being thrown to the ceiling.

Investigation Underway

The cause of the intense shaking is currently under investigation, as reported by Tom Costello. Video footage from inside the aircraft captured the chaos, showing the severity of the situation. According to the airline’s statement, the plane encountered a strong shake during flight, and investigations are ongoing to determine the root cause.

Flight Data Recorder Analysis

On Flight Aware, Lantam 800’s altitude reading was lost for roughly an hour and 10 minutes while flying at 41,000 feet. The aircraft reappeared on approach to Auckland. Investigators are now focusing on downloading and analyzing the flight data recorder, as well as the memory on the flight control computers responsible for managing the airplane’s controls.

Boeing 787 Diversion and Criminal Investigation

The Boeing 787, originally scheduled to fly to Santiago after stopping in Auckland, had its plans diverted due to the incident. Meanwhile, NBC News has confirmed that the Justice Department has initiated a new criminal investigation into Boeing following a door plug blowout on a 737 MAX 9 in January.

Quality Control Concerns

Recent developments raise questions about Boeing’s quality control, with a scathing FAA audit revealing non-compliance with the company’s own procedures. The Justice Department is demanding a detailed plan from Boeing within the next 90 days to address the identified quality issues.

NTSB Accusations and Boeing Cooperation

Last week, the NTSB accused Boeing of non-cooperation in the MAX 9 investigation. However, Boeing has since handed over additional information, including the names of 25 individuals who worked on the door plug before its installation.

In the wake of previous fatal Boeing MAX 8 crashes, the aviation industry and regulators are closely monitoring the situation for potential safety concerns.


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