Deaf Athletes Shine at Perak Bowling Championship Amid Financial Struggles


Success Amidst Challenges

Deaf Athletes Shine at Perak Bowling Championship Amid Financial Struggles
Deaf Athletes Shine at Perak Bowling Championship Amid Financial Struggles

Despite facing financial hardships, deaf athletes from the Sarawak Deaf Sports Association (SDSA) showcased remarkable talent and determination at the 2024 Malaysian Open Tenpin Bowling Championship for the Deaf, held recently at Ampang Superbowl Seri Iskandar in Perak. The team’s performance earned them the runner-up position in the overall medal tally, highlighting their resilience and skill in the face of adversity.

Financial Concerns Unaddressed

In a press release issued today, SDSA expressed deep concern over the lack of financial support crucial for their training and participation in such tournaments. Despite repeated appeals for assistance, the association revealed that they continue to rely heavily on public donations to fund their athletes’ endeavors. This lack of institutional support poses significant challenges to their ongoing participation and success in competitive sports.

Medal Triumphs and Individual Achievements

SDSA’s star athlete, Siw Sing Hie, emerged as a standout performer at the championship, clinching a gold medal in the individual women’s category. Siw’s prowess extended to the women’s doubles event, where she secured a silver medal alongside her partner, Sia Chew Ing. Collectively, Siw contributed to the team’s success with additional silver medals in the women’s team event, bolstering her total medal count to two silvers. Joining her on the podium were Nurul Farhanna Wahab and Maggie Paya Udau, who each added a silver medal to SDSA’s tally.

In the women’s all-events category, Siw further showcased her versatility by securing a bronze medal, underscoring her status as a formidable competitor in the sport.

Collective Effort in Men’s Events

The achievements were not confined to the women’s division alone. In the men’s doubles competition, SDSA athletes Lau Yok Lok, Hillary Mupug, Agan Ballang Kapong, and Abang Muhammad Fakhri Abang Kamarudin clinched a bronze medal, highlighting the depth of talent within the team. Individually, Sia Chew Ing, Mohamad Fakhri Abang Kamarudin, and Agan Ballang Kapong achieved commendable top 10 rankings in their respective events, further solidifying SDSA’s competitive presence.

Support System Behind Success

The Sarawak team’s journey to the championship was facilitated by their dedicated support staff, including team manager Frederick Apoi and team secretariat Aldric Ali. Their guidance and logistical support were instrumental in navigating the challenges of competitive bowling, enabling the athletes to focus on their performance and achieve commendable results despite the odds.

Looking Ahead

As SDSA celebrates their athletes’ achievements, the association remains steadfast in their commitment to nurturing talent and advocating for greater support for deaf athletes in Malaysia. They continue to call for increased financial assistance and institutional backing to ensure equitable opportunities for training and participation in future tournaments.


The 2024 Malaysian Open Tenpin Bowling Championship for the Deaf not only showcased exceptional sporting talent but also underscored the resilience and determination of deaf athletes in overcoming financial obstacles. Siw Sing Hie and her teammates’ medal haul is a testament to their skill, dedication, and the unwavering support of their community. As they look towards future competitions, SDSA hopes for enhanced support to sustain their momentum and inspire greater inclusivity in Malaysian sports.


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