Elizabeth Hurley Reacts to Theory She Took Prince Harry’s Virginity


Elizabeth Hurley Took Prince Harry’s Virginity? 🤯 Exclusive Interview

Elizabeth Hurley Reacts to Theory She Took Prince Harry's Virginity
Elizabeth Hurley Reacts to Theory She Took Prince Harry’s Virginity

Elizabeth Hurley sets the record straight! 🔥 Watch as the iconic British actress addresses the swirling rumors on ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’ about whether she’s the mystery ‘older’ woman Prince Harry mentioned in his sensational memoir, ‘Spare.’ 📘 Don’t miss out on her candid response to a fan’s burning question! 🔥

In a recent exclusive interview on ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,’ Elizabeth Hurley debunked the speculation surrounding Prince Harry’s memoir and the claim that she was the woman who took his virginity.

Addressing the speculation that emerged following the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, Elizabeth Hurley brushed off the idea as absurd. “It was ridiculous,” she exclaimed during her interview with Andy Cohen. “It’s like saying, ‘Oh, it’s Andy Cohen,’ when it’s absurd.”

The rumors stemmed from Prince Harry’s vivid recount of his experience losing his virginity, where he described the encounter with an older woman who had a penchant for horses. However, Hurley made it clear that she had no involvement in such an episode with the Duke of Sussex.

While discussing the book on the show, Cohen posed a fan question to Hurley, asking if she was the woman Prince Harry referred to. “It was ridiculous,” she reiterated, emphasizing the absurdity of the claim.

Furthermore, Hurley disclosed that she has never met Prince Harry, despite encountering other members of the royal family like Prince William and King Charles. “I’ve never met him,” she stated, asserting her lack of interaction with the Duke of Sussex.

During the interview, the conversation shifted to Hurley’s upcoming film, Strictly Confidential, directed by her son, Damian. Responding to queries about the steamy scenes in the movie, Hurley emphasized the importance of those scenes to the storyline. She clarified that while they may appear provocative, they were integral to the narrative and not gratuitous.

Hurley’s candid responses shed light on the swirling rumors surrounding Prince Harry’s memoir and her alleged involvement, putting an end to the speculation.


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