EURO 2024: Meet the Top 11 European Entrepreneurs Changing the Game


Euro 2024 Line-Up For Entrepreneurs: Who Makes The Select XI?

EURO 2024 Meet the Top 11 European Entrepreneurs Changing the Game
EURO 2024 Meet the Top 11 European Entrepreneurs Changing the Game

Europe’s Top Entrepreneurs Ready for the Spotlight

As EURO 2024 kicks off, football fans eagerly anticipate the gathering of Europe’s top footballers, showcasing their skills on the grand stage. Without global players in the mix, it’s a chance to celebrate European talent, from the established stars like Ronaldo, Mbappe, and Kane to the emerging players vying to take their place in the spotlight.

Europe is rich in football history, and its entrepreneurial landscape is no different. From tech pioneers to disruptive innovators, scale-ups to unicorns, the ecosystem boasts a diverse array of visionaries driving innovation and progress, solving some of society’s most pressing problems.

Yet, as with the smaller European footballing nations, some European founders can get overlooked when playing on the global stage. In this article, we select 11 of the best entrepreneurs and start-ups Europe has to offer, highlighting the brightest minds and most innovative companies on the Continent.

Selecting Europe’s Best Entrepreneurs And Start-Ups

Football managers face tough decisions when assembling their EUROs 2024 squad, and picking the top 11 European entrepreneurs is no different. Like in football, where fans crave entertainment, we should focus on start-ups that bring a spark of innovation and excitement. But at the same time, diversity of thought and background are critical, ensuring a well-rounded and dynamic approach, with players excelling in different roles.

Unfortunately, some fantastic startup hubs failed to make EURO 2024, so don’t make the cut for this team either – the likes of Taavet Hinrikus, founder of Wise (Estonia), Daniel Ek, of Spotify (Sweden), and Johan Brand, from Kahoot (Norway). I wanted to give them an honorable mention, to illustrate the development and depth of the European startup ecosystem.


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