Fire Breaks Out in Genting Highlands’ Skyworlds Theme Park


Blaze Erupts in Building at Genting Skyworlds

Fire Breaks Out in Genting Highlands' Skyworlds Theme Park
Fire Breaks Out in Genting Highlands’ Skyworlds Theme Park

A fire broke out in a building at the Genting Skyworlds outdoor theme park in Genting Highlands on Friday, June 14. The fire began on the second floor of the building at approximately 4:55 PM and quickly spread to the fourth floor.

Fire and Rescue Response

According to a spokesman from the Pahang Fire and Rescue Department, a total of 21 personnel were dispatched from fire stations in Genting, Bentong, and Janda Baik to tackle the blaze. Fire trucks arrived on the scene around 5:01 PM. Firefighters utilized two 200-feet hoses and two nozzles from the fire hydrant in their efforts to control and extinguish the fire.

Immediate Evacuation and Safety Measures

Resorts World Genting released a statement confirming that the fire had broken out at SkyAvenue at around 4:30 PM. Immediate evacuation procedures were implemented to ensure the safety of all visitors and staff. The fire units responded promptly, and the fire was fully extinguished by approximately 7:15 PM.

Ongoing Operations and Visitor Information

Videos and photos circulating on social media showed smoke billowing from the windows of the affected building, located near the cable car wire. Despite the fire, Resorts World Genting assured that most areas within SkyAvenue remained unaffected and would stay open. However, a few outlets in the vicinity of the affected area would remain closed for the time being.

Additionally, Resorts World Genting confirmed that the “Best of Chen Lei Hits 2024” concert at the Arena of Stars would proceed as planned. Other attractions, including Genting SkyWorlds, Skytropolis, and Awana SkyWay, would continue their operations as normal.


Thanks to the swift actions of the fire and rescue teams and the immediate evacuation procedures, no injuries were reported. The situation is now under control, and the fire department has given clearance to reopen SkyAvenue, ensuring the safety and continuity of entertainment for all visitors.


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