Flourishing Wild Orangutan Population in Sarawak: A Conservation Triumph


Sarawak Reports Growing Orangutan Numbers in Totally Protected Areas

Flourishing Wild Orangutan Population in Sarawak A Conservation Triumph
Flourishing Wild Orangutan Population in Sarawak A Conservation Triumph

Recent Sightings and Conservation Efforts

KUCHING, June 20, 2024 — Sarawak’s conservation efforts have yielded promising results as reports confirm a flourishing population of wild orangutans in the state’s Totally Protected Areas (TPAs). This positive development underscores Sarawak’s commitment to biodiversity conservation and sustainable ecological practices.

In a recent update by the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC), a video captured in late May 2024 within the Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary showcased a rare sighting of a wild orangutan and its baby. This sighting, a testament to the effectiveness of wildlife protection measures, was made possible through the collaborative efforts of SFC staff and Wildlife Guardians, comprising local community members, and veterans from the army and police.

Collaboration and Research Insights

According to SFC, ongoing field research and patrolling activities funded by the Ecological Fiscal Transfer (EFT) funds have significantly contributed to these conservation successes. The collaboration with the Smithsonian Institute under the RIMBA project has provided valuable insights into orangutan behavior and biodiversity in Sarawak’s key conservation areas such as Batang Ai National Park and Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary.

Milestones and Rare Sightings

Since November 2016, when camera-trap images first began documenting orangutan activity, several significant milestones have been achieved. Notably, the discovery of a mother orangutan with her young in Batang Ai National Park in 2016 and the rare sighting of twin orangutans with their mother in early 2024 have garnered global attention and highlighted Sarawak’s pivotal role in orangutan conservation.

Local Support and Government Endorsement

Local communities and government officials have expressed pride and satisfaction in these conservation efforts. Lingga assemblywoman Dayang Noorazah emphasized the support of her constituents in protecting Sarawak’s biodiversity-rich landscapes, remarking on the significance of the orangutan sightings in the Bukit Lesong-Seduku area.

Deputy Minister for Urban Planning, Land Administration, and Environment (MUDeNR) Datuk Len Talif Salleh echoed these sentiments, highlighting the crucial role of Totally Protected Areas in safeguarding biodiversity and aligning with Sarawak’s green economy goals.

Future Prospects and Global Impact

Looking ahead, Sarawak aims to continue its conservation efforts to prevent biodiversity loss and contribute to global conservation goals, particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The ongoing initiatives are part of Sarawak’s Post-Covid-19 Development Strategy 2030, emphasizing sustainable development and environmental stewardship.


The flourishing population of wild orangutans in Sarawak’s Totally Protected Areas marks a significant conservation milestone. With continued community support, governmental endorsement, and international collaboration, Sarawak is poised to play a pivotal role in preserving orangutan habitats and biodiversity for future generations.


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