Good Samaritans Save Cyclist in Arizona Heat with Life-Saving Song


Cyclist Collapses in Arizona Heat

Good Samaritans Save Cyclist in Arizona Heat with Life-Saving Song
Good Samaritans Save Cyclist in Arizona Heat with Life-Saving Song

In the sweltering heat of Arizona, a life-or-death crisis unfolded when a cyclist collapsed from what appeared to be a severe medical emergency. As he lay on the ground, turning blue, a group of quick-thinking Good Samaritans sprang into action, administering chest compressions to try and revive him.

The Power of Music in CPR

Remarkably, amidst the tension and urgency, one rescuer began to sing—a tune not typically associated with medical emergencies. The song was “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees, a disco hit from the movie Saturday Night Fever. This was no ordinary song choice; it was a deliberate move by a nurse among the rescuers who knew the song’s beat was perfect for maintaining the rhythm needed for effective chest compressions.

Nurse Leads the Effort with CPR

Desly Lewis, a nurse who happened to be hiking the trail when the cyclist collapsed, took charge of the situation. She led the group in performing CPR, using the familiar beat of “Stayin’ Alive” to ensure the compressions were both timely and effective. “Come on, you hang in there, buddy,” she urged, her voice strong and steady as she worked to save the man’s life.

Success Thanks to Quick Action and Teamwork

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Good Samaritans and the guiding rhythm of the Bee Gees’ hit, the cyclist, Mark Beon, was kept alive until first responders arrived. “We had people around that were willing to help,” Lewis said in an interview. Her quick thinking and leadership proved crucial in the critical moments before professional medical help could take over.

A Heartfelt Outcome

Mark Beon, who had previously suffered a heart attack, expressed deep gratitude to his rescuers, especially Nurse Desly Lewis. “Desly has a very important place in my heart,” he said, acknowledging the pivotal role she played in his survival. Reflecting on the incident, he remarked that “Stayin’ Alive” has now become one of his favorite songs, a poignant reminder of the day his life was saved.


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