Last Victim of Jeram Menjawah Tragedy Found 18km Downstream


Tragic Closure to the Longboat Accident

Last Victim of Jeram Menjawah Tragedy Found 18km Downstream
Last Victim of Jeram Menjawah Tragedy Found 18km Downstream

Body of Rhuban Apparoo Discovered

BELAGA: In a somber conclusion to the tragic longboat accident at Long Menjawah, Batang Rajang, the body of the last missing victim was found this morning. Rhuban Apparoo, a 30-year-old man from Sungai Karangan, Padang Serai, Kedah, was discovered by members of the public at approximately 8:22 AM. The discovery was made near Rh Kejaman Neh, Long Liten, about 18 kilometers downstream from where the boat capsized on Sunday, June 16.

Swift Response from Rescuers

Upon receiving the report, the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) quickly dispatched rescuers to retrieve Rhuban’s body. The rescue team efficiently transported the body to Belaga wharf, where it was handed over to the police for further transportation to the hospital. A post-mortem will be conducted to ascertain the exact cause of death.

Search and Rescue Operations Conclude

With the recovery of Rhuban Apparoo’s body, along with that of 36-year-old Balavishnu Permaloo who was found yesterday, the search and rescue (SAR) operation officially concluded at 10 AM. The operation had been an intense and emotional effort to find the missing victims and bring closure to their families.

The Incident: Strong Currents and a Sunken Boat

The tragedy unfolded on Sunday afternoon when Rhuban and Balavishnu, along with three others, were traveling in a longboat that sank due to strong currents at Jeram Menjawah. The victims, both employees of a maintenance company for the Bakun dam, were on a leisure cruise with two colleagues and the boat’s skipper, Robert Jaang, a local resident of Rh Apan.

Details of the Tragic Accident

Leisure Cruise Turns Tragic

Rhuban and Balavishnu had rented the boat from villagers to explore the scenic Jeram Menjawah. Unfortunately, the strong currents proved too much for the boat, leading to the tragic accident around 4 PM on Sunday. While the skipper and two others managed to survive, Rhuban and Balavishnu were swept away by the powerful waters.

The Discovery of Balavishnu’s Body

Balavishnu Permaloo’s body was found yesterday, June 18, around 1:15 PM, floating in the river about 50 meters from the capsizing site. Members of the public discovered his body, which was then retrieved and transported similarly to Rhuban’s.

Community Response and Condolences

The local community and authorities have expressed their condolences to the families of Rhuban Apparoo and Balavishnu Permaloo. The incident has cast a shadow over the region, highlighting the dangers of navigating the Batang Rajang during periods of strong currents.

Safety Measures and Future Precautions

Raising Awareness

This tragic event underscores the importance of raising awareness about the risks associated with river travel, especially during times of increased water flow. Local authorities and community leaders are urged to take additional measures to ensure the safety of those traveling on the river.

Enhancing Safety Protocols

Enhanced safety protocols and more stringent guidelines for renting boats to visitors could help prevent such incidents in the future. Equipping boats with life jackets and ensuring skippers are well-trained to handle unexpected situations are critical steps that need to be implemented.

Conclusion: A Somber Reminder

The Jeram Menjawah tragedy serves as a somber reminder of nature’s unpredictable and often dangerous forces. As the community mourns the loss of Rhuban Apparoo and Balavishnu Permaloo, efforts must be doubled to prevent future tragedies and ensure the safety of all who navigate these waters.


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