Major Diesel Seizure in Labuan: RM320K Worth of Fuel Confiscated in Jetty Raid


Diesel Worth RM320K Seized from Vessel in Labuan

Major Diesel Seizure in Labuan RM320K Worth of Fuel Confiscated in Jetty Raid
Major Diesel Seizure in Labuan RM320K Worth of Fuel Confiscated in Jetty Raid

Major Raid by Labuan Domestic Trade Ministry

LABUAN: In a significant operation, the Labuan domestic trade and cost of living ministry division has seized 80,000 litres of diesel, valued at RM320,000, from a vessel at a jetty in Jalan Merdeka on Tuesday.

The director of the ministry, Junaidah Arbain, confirmed that the enforcement team discovered the diesel stored in four large tanks aboard the vessel during the raid.

Arrest and Investigation

During the raid, a 70-year-old local man, believed to be a crew member of the ship, was arrested. “His statement was recorded to assist in the ongoing investigation,” Junaidah Arbain stated in a press release today.

The case is currently being investigated under Section 20 (1) and Section 21 of the Control of Supplies Act 1961. These sections pertain to the removal and possession of controlled goods, with severe penalties for those found guilty.

Legal Implications and Continuous Monitoring

Junaidah highlighted the legal consequences for those convicted of such offences, stating that they could face fines of up to RM1 million.

“We reiterate our commitment to conducting continuous inspections and monitoring of activities involving controlled goods on this duty-free island to prevent any misuse or illegal handling of such goods,” she affirmed.


This raid underscores the ministry’s ongoing efforts to regulate and control the distribution of controlled goods within Labuan, ensuring compliance with the law and protecting the island’s economic integrity.


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