Unearthing Secrets: NYC Synagogue Faces Closure Over Illegal Tunnel


Posted on January 12, 2024

Shocking Discovery: Illegal Tunnel Sparks Chaos at Prominent Brooklyn Synagogue

In a startling development, the Department of Buildings in New York City has issued vacate orders for a renowned synagogue in Brooklyn, uncovering an illegal underground tunnel that has led to the arrest of nine individuals on charges of criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

The Unveiling of a Hidden Passageway

The incident began with local police responding to reports of a damaged wall and disorderly conduct outside the synagogue. However, the investigation took an unexpected turn when they discovered a secret tunnel within the building, shrouded in mystery and clandestine use.

Significance of the Synagogue

Situated in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, this synagogue holds immense religious importance as the epicenter of the Habad Licher movement. Worshipers from across the globe frequent the site, with some obtaining visas to study at the associated Yeshiva.

Leadership’s Shock and Confrontation

Leadership at the synagogue was taken aback upon learning that certain members had constructed an illegal tunnel connecting the building to neighboring structures. In an attempt to put an end to the unauthorized passageway, leaders brought in a cement mixer to fill it. However, a confrontation unfolded as those responsible resisted, resulting in a chaotic scene.

Brad Milly’s Perspective

Brad Milly, host of the “Start Here” podcast, described the situation as a “wild story,” shedding light on the deep-rooted fissures within this insular community. The conflict escalated, resulting in a brawl, barricades made from torn-off wood, and even the use of irritant gas by law enforcement, leading to the arrests.

Sect Divisions and Speculations

The religious sect associated with the synagogue has long been divided over the expansion of the site. Speculations arise regarding the motivation behind constructing the tunnel, with some suggesting that younger, more extremist members, possibly from Israel, built it in honor of the late Rabbi. However, the synagogue’s leadership disapproves, considering it a tarnish on the site’s reputation.

Structural Integrity Compromised

The Department of Buildings has declared that the structural integrity of the synagogue has been compromised, prompting a warning for people to stay away. This revelation has intensified the existing divide within the community, as some question the motives behind the tunnel’s construction and its impact on the revered site.

Uncertain Future

As officials grapple with the aftermath, the synagogue faces uncertainty, and community members are left to contemplate the consequences of a hidden passageway that has brought their religious haven under scrutiny. The clash of beliefs and actions has not only resulted in legal repercussions but has also laid bare the internal fractures within this closely-knit religious community.


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