Miraculous Rescue: Driver Escapes Fiery Crash in Miri


Driver rescued from fiery crash

Miraculous Rescue Driver Escapes Fiery Crash in Miri
Miraculous Rescue Driver Escapes Fiery Crash in Miri

Heroic Act Saves Driver in Fiery Accident

Incident Details: A Morning of Mayhem

In the early hours of July 7, a dramatic and potentially tragic accident occurred on Jalan Miri Bintulu, Batu 12 Lambir. A driver narrowly escaped death after his vehicle burst into flames following a self-collision. The incident, which happened around 3:37 AM, prompted an immediate response from the Lopeng Fire Station.

Firefighters Respond Promptly

Arrival at the Scene

Upon receiving the emergency call, the dedicated firefighters of Lopeng Fire Station rushed to the location of the crash. On arrival, they were met with the harrowing sight of a Honda car completely engulfed in flames. The vehicle had veered off the road and collided with the shoulder, leading to the catastrophic fire.

The Firefighting Effort

The brave firefighters worked swiftly and efficiently, battling the intense blaze. Despite the challenging circumstances, they managed to extinguish the fire and secure the area, concluding their operation by 4:29 AM. The aftermath revealed a vehicle that had been entirely consumed by the flames, highlighting the severity of the crash.

A Passerby’s Heroic Intervention

The Timely Rescue

In a remarkable turn of events, preliminary information from the scene revealed that a passerby had courageously intervened. This unidentified hero managed to pull the driver from the burning vehicle before the arrival of the fire department. Thanks to this quick-thinking individual, the driver was promptly transported to Miri Hospital for medical attention.

Medical Response

The driver, whose identity has not yet been disclosed, is currently receiving treatment at Miri Hospital. The quick action of the passerby undoubtedly saved the driver’s life, preventing what could have been a fatal outcome.

Investigating the Cause

Ongoing Investigation

Authorities have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. While the exact circumstances leading to the crash are still under scrutiny, it is clear that the situation could have been far worse without the immediate response of both the passerby and the firefighting team.

Road Safety Concerns

This incident raises important questions about road safety on Jalan Miri Bintulu. With the cause of the accident still unknown, it serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that can arise from self-collisions and the need for vigilant driving practices.

Community Reactions

Praises for the Rescuer

The local community has been quick to commend the bravery of the passerby who rescued the driver. Social media platforms are abuzz with messages of gratitude and admiration for the individual’s selfless act. Many are calling for this hero to be officially recognized for their courageous actions.

Firefighters’ Dedication

Equally, the firefighters of Lopeng Fire Station are being lauded for their prompt and effective response. Their ability to control the fire and secure the scene underlines the importance of having well-trained and dedicated emergency services.


The dramatic rescue of a driver from a fiery crash on Jalan Miri Bintulu is a testament to the bravery and quick thinking of both a passerby and the local fire department. As investigations continue, the focus remains on ensuring road safety and acknowledging the heroic efforts that saved a life.


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