Shrinkflation Sparks New Filming Trend at Chipotle


Customers Take Action Against Alleged Smaller Portions

Shrinkflation Sparks New Filming Trend at Chipotle
Shrinkflation Sparks New Filming Trend at Chipotle

There’s been a lot of talk about shrinkflation hitting fast food chains, and now some Chipotle customers are filming servers to ensure they get the right amount of food. Victoria Rano reports on this new trend.

Holding a cell phone camera and a GoPro strapped to his head, one Chipotle customer is fighting back over what he claims are Chipotle’s shrinking portion sizes. “Can I get a bowl, please? Let’s get some Chipotle,” he says, documenting his experience. He is part of a growing movement where customers record their orders, believing that once employees know they are being filmed, they will dish out larger portions of food.

The Viral Chipotle Challenge

Many customers are now participating in this viral Chipotle challenge. Videos circulating on social media show people walking into Chipotle with cameras in hand, hoping to receive larger servings. “Look at what that guy ended up with! If you film while ordering, Chipotle gives you more food,” one video caption claims. Another video features a customer stating, “This guy goes in with cameras blazing—chicken, cheese—just look at the size of that burrito. You’re going to want to drive to your nearest Chipotle and start recording.”

In one instance, Inside Edition producer Emma Katy tested the theory. First, she ordered without filming, then she ordered again while recording with her camera. The result? “That bowl is piled high,” she noted. “This is the bowl using my phone. This one definitely is heavier.”

Chipotle’s Response to Shrinkflation Claims

The viral challenge began after some customers complained about shrinkflation, claiming they were paying the same but getting less food for their money. Chipotle’s CEO, however, denies that their portion sizes have decreased. “First, I can tell you the portions have not gotten smaller,” he insists. “If you want a little more, simply give the employee a head nod. All you got to do is kind of like [gesture], and usually, our guys and women give a little more scoop.”

Restaurant and hospitality expert Kate Edwards weighed in on the issue. “If you’re filming the interaction you’re having with a service person, you have to remember you’re putting them on the spot,” she explains. “So while they might be giving you a little bit more in that moment, you’re actually making them the face of the business, which isn’t exactly fair.”


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