Uggah Urges Resolution for Batang Saribas 2 Bridge Delay Issues


Uggah: Delay in construction of Batang Saribas 2 bridge, contractor given 2 weeks to resolve issues

Uggah Urges Resolution for Batang Saribas 2 Bridge Delay Issues
Uggah Urges Resolution for Batang Saribas 2 Bridge Delay Issues

Construction Delay and Challenges

Construction of the RM385-million Batang Saribas 2 bridge in Pusa, Betong, faces a delay despite extensions, reported Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas. The project, spanning 2.39 kilometers and managed by a Chinese-local joint venture, has encountered significant setbacks.

Challenges and Solutions

Uggah highlighted critical issues during a site visit, including worker shortages and incomplete tasks. The state Public Works Department (JKR) has given the contractors a two-week ultimatum to address these issues, emphasizing strict monitoring for compliance.

Government’s Commitment and Economic Impact

Despite challenges, Uggah affirmed the government’s commitment to project completion. He underscored the economic benefits of infrastructure projects, urging stringent oversight to ensure timely delivery and economic growth.

In KUCHING, Deputy Premier Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas addressed the media regarding the ongoing delays in the construction of the Batang Saribas 2 bridge in Pusa, Betong. Despite an allocated extension of time, the project has faced a setback of 34 days, raising concerns about its timely completion.

The bridge, spanning 2.39 kilometers, is a significant infrastructure endeavor managed by a joint venture between a Chinese company and a local entity. Uggah, who oversees infrastructure development, expressed frustration during his third visit to the site, noting critical deficiencies in progress.

“This is a problem project we are trying to manage,” Uggah acknowledged, pointing out shortages in labor and machinery, as well as unfinished tasks. The state’s Public Works Department (JKR), led by director Dr. Cassidy Morris, conducted a briefing outlining these challenges.

In response, Uggah announced that JKR has issued a two-week ultimatum to the contractors to resolve these issues promptly. “We monitor the development very closely. If they can resolve them, we will be very happy; otherwise, we will have to decide on the next course of action,” he asserted, hinting at possible contract termination under existing regulations.

While expressing satisfaction with Sarawak’s overall project management, Uggah emphasized the need for strict adherence to timelines. “Successful completion of infrastructure projects is crucial for our development agenda,” he stated, underscoring the government’s role in stimulating local economic growth through such initiatives.

Acknowledging the magnitude of ongoing and upcoming projects, Uggah urged heightened vigilance from JKR to uphold project delivery standards. “We cannot afford delays in our development plans,” he cautioned, highlighting the broader economic implications of project stagnation.

The site visit included discussions with Betong divisional engineer Jason Ng and representatives from the joint venture company, underscoring collaborative efforts to mitigate project delays.

In conclusion, Uggah reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to project completion and economic progress. “The multiplier effects of infrastructure investment are immense,” he affirmed, emphasizing the pivotal role of JKR in ensuring efficient project execution.


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