Urgent Call for Action: Lo Urges State to Bolster Enforcement Efforts


Batu Kitang Assemblyman Pushes for Enhanced Enforcement Measures

Urgent Call for Action Lo Urges State to Bolster Enforcement Efforts
Urgent Call for Action Lo Urges State to Bolster Enforcement Efforts

KUCHING: In a fervent plea to address escalating concerns over law enforcement in Sarawak, Batu Kitang assemblyman Datuk Lo Khere Chiang has called upon the state government to reinforce federal enforcement efforts. His proposal involves deploying personnel through the Sarawak Security and Enforcement Unit (UKPN), a move aimed at fortifying the region’s capacity to combat illegal activities and safeguard community safety.

Lo’s appeal comes in the wake of a tragic incident on June 3, which saw the Padawan district police responding to reports of a violent altercation between two individuals in a village along Jalan Haji Baki. The altercation resulted in a fatal outcome, leaving a community in mourning and prompting Lo to vocalize his concerns regarding the inadequacy of enforcement resources.

Expressing his empathy for the grieving families affected by the incident, Lo highlighted the challenges faced by law enforcement due to limited manpower and resources. “I feel sad and helpless when I see the families crying at the loss of their beloved one,” he lamented, underscoring the pressing need for a bolstered enforcement presence to curb unwarranted activities effectively.

Questioning the feasibility of providing satisfactory enforcement with meager resources, Lo pointed out the stark reality of only two vehicles patrolling the expansive stretch from Padawan to Telaga Air. The incident on June 3 serves as a poignant reminder of the critical need for enhanced enforcement measures to prevent similar tragedies from recurring.

In response to the distress call, law enforcement swiftly mobilized to the scene, where they discovered a 55-year-old man succumbing to injuries sustained during the altercation. A 27-year-old suspect, apprehended in close proximity to the scene, has since been remanded from June 4 to June 10 to aid ongoing investigations.

As stakeholders grapple with the aftermath of the tragic incident, Lo’s impassioned plea underscores the imperative for proactive measures to strengthen enforcement capabilities and ensure the safety and security of Sarawak’s communities.


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