Young Artists Shine in Paper Mache Cat Competition


Celebrating White Cat Day and Kuching City Day

Young Artists Shine in Paper Mache Cat Competition
Young Artists Shine in Paper Mache Cat Competition

KUCHING: In a vibrant celebration of White Cat Day and the 36th anniversary of Kuching City Day, the Kuching South City Council (MBKS) has announced the launch of an exciting new event: the Paper Mache Cat competition. This unique competition is open to all primary and secondary school students within the council area, providing a fantastic platform for young artists to showcase their talents.

Unleashing Creativity with Recycled Materials

Competition Details

The competition begins on Wednesday, June 19, and runs until July 8. Participants are invited to create cat sculptures exclusively from recycled papers, adhering to the specified dimensions of 30 cm in height, 20 cm in length, and 20 cm in width. These sculptures can be either painted or left unpainted, but must be original creations not previously entered in other competitions.

Entry Submission

Entries must be submitted through the respective schools, accompanied by completed application forms and a brief description of the sculpture. All submissions should be directed to the 3rd Floor, PRCD Unit at MBKS. Schools can submit multiple entries, but each student is limited to one submission.

Two Categories, Numerous Prizes

Primary School Category

In the Primary School category (ages 6 to 12), participants have the chance to win substantial cash prizes:

  • First Prize: RM1,000
  • Second Prize: RM700
  • Third Prize: RM300
  • Consolation Prizes: RM100 each for seven winners

Secondary School Category

Similarly, the Secondary School category (ages 13 to 17) offers the following rewards:

  • First Prize: RM1,000
  • Second Prize: RM700
  • Third Prize: RM300
  • Consolation Prizes: RM100 each for seven winners

Special School Award

In addition, a special RM500 award will be presented to the school with the highest number of participants across both categories. This incentive aims to encourage broad participation and community spirit within the schools.

Judging Criteria and Submission Guidelines

Entries will be evaluated based on creativity, originality, craftsmanship, and adherence to the recycled materials-only rule. A panel of experts will judge the submissions, and their decisions will be final.

For detailed guidelines on participation and submission procedures, interested parties can visit the MBKS website at MBKS Official Website or contact Ting Tiew Lik at 010-9223705. All application forms and paper mache cats must be received by Monday, July 8, on or before 4 pm.

Encouraging Sustainability and Artistic Expression

MBKS encourages all eligible students to participate, emphasizing the dual goals of promoting creativity and sustainability. “We encourage all eligible students to participate and demonstrate their creativity while contributing to a sustainable environment through the use of recycled materials. This competition not only celebrates our city and its unique cultural symbol but also fosters environmental consciousness and artistic expression among the youth,” MBKS stated.

A Call to Action

“Join us in making this celebration a remarkable and memorable one. Let’s create art and history together!” With these words, MBKS invites the community to come together in celebrating the creativity of its young artists and the rich cultural heritage of Kuching City.


The Paper Mache Cat competition is more than just a contest; it’s an opportunity for young artists to shine, for schools to rally together, and for the community to celebrate sustainability and creativity. By participating, students can make a meaningful contribution to the environment and take part in a historic celebration of Kuching City’s unique cultural symbol. Don’t miss this chance to be part of something truly special.


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