Family Escapes Vehicle Blaze in Betong


Swift Action by Driver Saves Family of Six

Family Escapes Vehicle Blaze in Betong
Family Escapes Vehicle Blaze in Betong

BETONG: A family of six narrowly avoided disaster on June 9th when their Toyota Avanza burst into flames while traveling on Jalan Pentik Skrang.

Heroic Bystander Prevents Tragedy

The potential tragedy was averted thanks to the prompt action of another driver who noticed smoke emanating from the vehicle. The vigilant driver immediately alerted the Avanza’s occupants, prompting them to pull over swiftly and evacuate to safety.

No Injuries Reported

Fortunately, no injuries were reported among the family members, who were en route from Simunjan to Sarikei. The timely warning and quick evacuation ensured that everyone escaped unharmed.

Firefighters’ Quick Response

Betong station firefighters swiftly responded to the emergency call, dispatching a team to the scene approximately 22km away at 9.09 am. Upon arrival, they encountered the vehicle engulfed in flames and promptly utilized water from their fire truck to extinguish it.

Fire Extinguished and Investigation Underway

By 9.50 am, the flames were successfully subdued, and additional measures were taken to prevent any potential re-ignition. Operations concluded by 10 am. The cause of the fire and the extent of the damages are still under investigation.


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