Gold Rush at Costco: Superstore Now Selling Gold Bars Alongside Everyday Items


Modern-Day Gold Rush

Gold Rush at Costco Superstore Now Selling Gold Bars Alongside Everyday Items
Gold Rush at Costco Superstore Now Selling Gold Bars Alongside Everyday Items

Costco, known for its massive packs of toilet paper and chicken cutlets, is now attracting attention for a different kind of commodity: gold bars. As reported by Leant, the inclusion of gold bars in Costco’s inventory has sparked a modern-day gold rush among shoppers.

Unprecedented Offering

In addition to jumbo packs of paper towels and piles of pants, Costco now offers 1 oz gold ingots for sale. According to reports from Wells Fargo, the superstore is selling as much as $200 million worth of gold bars every month since introducing them last August.

High Demand and Limited Supply

Demand for gold bars at Costco is so high that stores are frequently sold out. With a price tag of around $2300 per bar, customers are limited to purchasing five bars each due to the overwhelming demand.

Personal Finance Perspective

Even unexpected shoppers like personal finance adviser Humphrey Yang have been drawn to Costco’s gold bars. Yang, who initially went in for a $2 snack, ended up purchasing a gold bar for $23.59. While amusing, the trend raises questions about the viability of gold as an investment.

Gold as an Investment

Historically, gold has served as a hedge against inflation, attracting investors during times of economic uncertainty. With Americans increasingly concerned about inflation and economic instability, the appeal of gold as an investment option is on the rise.


As Costco continues to diversify its product offerings, the inclusion of gold bars alongside everyday items reflects shifting consumer preferences and investment trends. Whether gold at Costco proves to be a fleeting trend or a long-term investment strategy remains to be seen.


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