Joanne Lau’s ‘Colourful Echoes’ Emerges as a Best-Selling Art Show in Kuching


Celebrated Artist Joanne Lau’s Solo Exhibition Breaks Records

Joanne Lau’s ‘Colourful Echoes’ Emerges as a Best-Selling Art Show in Kuching
Joanne Lau’s ‘Colourful Echoes’ Emerges as a Best-Selling Art Show in Kuching

Artist’s ‘Colourful Echoes’ among Kuching’s best-selling art shows

KUCHING (June 22): The art scene in Kuching is buzzing with excitement as Joanne Lau’s solo exhibition, ‘Colourful Echoes,’ has become one of the city’s best-selling art shows. According to a press release yesterday, this vibrant showcase has seen an extraordinary response, with half of the 51 pieces sold within just four weeks.

Major Success and Charitable Contributions

The success of ‘Colourful Echoes’ is not just in its sales but also in its contributions to the community. A portion of the proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to several charitable causes, including the new church funds for the Chapel of Mother Mary, Carmelite Monastery, and the Sarawak Women for Women Society (SWWS), an organization where Lau previously served as president.

Artist’s Gratitude and Highlighted Works

In her heartfelt speech at the Hoan Gallery, located in La Promenade Mall, last Sunday, Lau expressed her deep gratitude to her supporters and art collectors from near and far.

“Art connects, and my collectors, through their faith in me, have really boosted my confidence as an artist in my journey,” Lau stated.

Among the standout pieces is ‘A Painful Heart,’ which has garnered significant attention and admiration. Lau shared that this painting sends a powerful message about the importance of discussing mental health and seeking healing.

International and Local Buyers

The international appeal of Lau’s work is evident, with large pieces, including the titular ‘Colourful Echoes,’ being acquired by collectors from Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Local buyers included prominent figures such as politicians, doctors, engineers, architects, and business leaders.

Hoan Gallery’s Perspective on the Exhibition

Hoan Gallery, recognized as one of the most active art galleries in the region, is thrilled with the success of ‘Colourful Echoes.’ The gallery’s director, Hoan Kee Huang, praised Lau for her exceptional achievement.

“I couldn’t be prouder of Lau and what she’s achieved. Her show has been incredibly well-received by the local art scene. None of us artists can recall another recent show in which so many pieces were sold in such a short amount of time; even during the preview period, four pieces were already sold,” Hoan remarked.

Hoan further emphasized that Lau’s works have deeply resonated with the public, setting a new benchmark for art appreciation in Sarawak. He hopes Lau’s success will inspire other artists in the region.

Hoan Gallery: A Hub for Artistic Talent

Since its opening in 2021, Hoan Gallery has hosted four solo art shows, including high-profile exhibitions such as those featuring the works of Alena Murang. The gallery has quickly become a cornerstone of an artistic revival in Sarawak, providing a platform for both established and emerging talents like Brandon Ritom and sculptor M. Sahzy.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Looking ahead, Hoan Gallery has announced an exciting solo show featuring David Chew, one of Sarawak’s renowned abstract artists. Hoan described Chew’s works as ‘brave’ and unique, promising a delightful experience for art lovers when the exhibition opens on September 24.

Permanent Collection and Visitor Information

In addition to rotating exhibitions, Hoan Gallery boasts a permanent collection that includes pieces by Leonard Siaw, Stephanie Eng, Foo Syn Choon, Narong Daun, and more. The gallery is open daily, offering free entrance, and all works on display are available for purchase.

For those interested in experiencing the artistic vibrancy of Sarawak or learning more about upcoming events, visit or


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